NRA Endorses McDonnell

15 Sep

Realizing their mistake from 2005,  yesterday the National Rifle Association endorsed Bob McDonnell for Governor.

See the stories here:

Associated Press reporting NRA for McDonnell
Bearing Drift

The AP’s Bob Lewis is reporting that the NRA will endorse Bob McDonnell for governor. If you recall, they endorsed Creigh Deeds in the 2005 race.

Deeds Attempts To Spin Not Getting NRA Endorsement As A Good Thing
Virginia Virtucon

The fact of the matter is, the electoral calculations for Creigh Deeds just became infinitely more difficult as this will cost him dearly in many of the rural areas that he is counting on for support to counter McDonnell’s strong support in the suburbs.

McDonnell Receives NRA Endorsement
Crystal Clear Conservative

Creigh Deeds won the endorsement in 2005, when he challenged Bob McDonnell for the Attorney General’s race. What happened? I guess Deeds’ records on guns has become more liberal.


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