Rest in Peace, Henry Gibson

16 Sep
Henry Gibson, 1935–2009

Henry Gibson, 1935–2009

Animal Trio
A Poem, by Henry Gibson

The bullfrog is my pal true blue.
He don’t smoke or drink or chew.
His only hang-up is he sniffs glue.
If I was a bullfrog I would too.

I just found out what the aardvark does
When he’s feeling kinda blue and wants to get a little buzz.
He sneaks off down to the edge of the beach
And turns himself on by sniffin’ bleach.

The hedgehog is a groovy friend.
When he dresses like a hippy he’s the livin’ end.
He’s only got one hang-up when he’s at the logs.
He turns himself on smokin’ dental floss.


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