Two deceitful ads

18 Sep

From the McDonnell for Governor campaign:

Two Attack Ads; Two Scathing Editorials

The Virginian-Pilot

on Deeds Tax Attack Ad: “Ludicrous….Disingenuous….Deceitful”

The Roanoke Times on Deeds Electricity Rate Attack Ad: “Should be Ashamed; Not Honest”

RICHMOND- Twice in just the last three days Virginia newspapers have called out Creigh Deeds for running false and dishonest television ads in his campaign for governor.

Wednesday, The Virginian-Pilot took after Deeds for his recent ad on taxes, opining:

“The alternative explanation, one that’s far more distressing, is that Deeds has deliberately concocted disingenuous and deceitful ads because he thinks voters are too stupid to know better.

Read the Full Editorial Here

Today, The Roanoke Times focused on Deeds’ ad regarding electrictity rate increases. The paper noted:

“Before customers who have choked on high electric bills break out their pitchforks and go after McDonnell, they should know that Deeds’ ad is not honest.”

”… pretend that McDonnell did anything but represent consumers and uphold the law is deceptive. Deeds should be ashamed.”

Read the Full Editorial Here

Now the Question Is:

Will Creigh Deeds Continue to Subject Virginians to Ads that Are “Deceptive”…“Not Honest”…“Ludicrous”…“Deceitful?”


One Response to “Two deceitful ads”

  1. Jason September 18, 2009 at 10:08 pm #

    It appears, unfortunately, that Creigh will continue running disingenuous ads as I saw a new one today (in the Lynchburg-Roanoke media market) critiquing McDonnell’s ad refuting the original AEP ad! In this one, Creigh claims that if Bob McDonnell saved consumers over $300 million, we should have lower electric bills. He then ends with some smarmy slogan like “read the bill” (something that I doubt he’s ever done as a state senator anyway). The fact that Creigh is garnering as much support as it is still baffles me!

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