Late Sunday Night: Stuff You Should Read

20 Sep

Here’s some stories from the weekend you should check out:

Bearing Drift:  Deeds crowing about McDonnell’s “social agenda” – did he forget his own votes?
So, I pose this very simple question – if McDonnell is so “outside the mainstream”, how come Deeds voted with him 98% of the time while McDonnell was AG?

Bearing Drift:  Creigh Deeds Allegedly Holding Thesis Follow-Up Attack

Virginia Virtucon:  Jody Wagner Insists Upon Fantasyland Rules For Debate
Jody “Financial Fantasyland” Wagner is at it again!

Virginia Virtucon: Deeds FINALLY Solidifies His Base, But Still Comes Up Short
Team Deeds has to be worried at this point.  Not only do they still trail McDonnell, but he remains above 50 percent despite the onslaught from the WashPo and time is rapidly running out for them.

Finally The Washington Times reports that Doug Wilder will descent from upon high to give his endorsement in the Governor’s race: Wilder: Va. race a referendum on Obama

For all the talk about the possibilty of Wilder endorsing McDonnell, we’ve had this conversation every four years.  Wilder always goes home to endorse the Democrat.  So I’d be very suprised to hear otherwise.

At the end of the day, Doug Wilder never really endorses anyone but…Doug Wilder.


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