Democrats Demand Creigh Deeds Condemn "Mudcat" Saunders for Anti-Rural Remarks

21 Sep

Oh, don’t be silly, there’s nothing wrong when their side says it.

SWAC Girl has the story.

“Mudcat” Saunders uses profanity to disparage Northern Virginians

In what was intended to be a conference call for the news media, Democratic strategist David “Mudcat” Saunders was unaware that reporters were on the line when he uttered several sentences that pitted Northern Virginians against other, more rural areas of the state.

“From what I’ve seen up in Northern Virginia, they don’t give a damn if people talk s*** about us,” Saunders said. Upon realizing that there was media present on the call, he attempted to amend and repair his remarks by adding that there are “more rednecks on Route 1 in Alexandria than the sixth district of Virginia.”


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