Dear friends on the right, please stop embarrassing yourselves

29 Sep

I almost fell for it.

It started with Naked Emperor News and Breitbart.TV declaring:  Newly Discovered:  Community Organizers Appear to “Pray” to President-Elect Obama.  It’s been floating all over Facebook and the rest of the Internet today

Michelle Malkin also has the story:  Creepy O-cult video of the day: “Deliver us, Obama!”

Michelle updates her post with a question from Ed Morrissey at HotAir:  Community organizers pray to their new deity, or something; Or do they?

If you listen to the video without the subtitles (you can do so at the original YouTube posting), it doesn’t sound so much like the folks are saying “Deliver us, Obama.”  It sounds like they’re saying “Deliver us, Oh God.”

Since the leader is apparently clergy (I’m assuming Episcopalian, but I could be wrong), it sounds much like a normal liturgy you might hear on any given Sunday.

Perhaps the real problem is that not enough Americans are hearing any liturgy on any given Sunday.

Now, we’re not discounting that the Gamaliel Foundation is an army in the trenches for Barack Obama and his radical agenda.  But I don’t think they’ve made him into a deity.

Not yet, anyway.

But let’s be clear.  If they are (and I doubt it) saying “Deliver us, Obama” then it makes them look stupid.  If they’re not, and we claim they are, it make us look stupid.


One Response to “Dear friends on the right, please stop embarrassing yourselves”

  1. Francesco September 30, 2009 at 5:37 am #

    Mike, I also noticed this on Michelle’s site. I listened carefully several times and, for the life of me, I couldn’t hear “Obama.” All I heard was “Deliver us, Oh God.” The sound quality on the video wasn’t the best. Our minds are of such a nature that we look for order in things, sound included. This is one of the reasons why dodgy sound bites from things such as “backward masking” and “EVPs” sound like noise until someone “interprets” them. It’s then that we say, “Oh, yeah! I hear it now!” Though this video’s sound wasn’t the best, the words were plain enough without the superimposed “interpretation.” My concern in the matter is that the people who jumped too fast on this will lose some of their credibility in the future.

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