Rasmussen has McDonnell with 9 pt. lead, Panic ensues…

30 Sep

Election 2009: Virginia Governor Election
Virginia Governor: McDonnell 51% Deeds 42%
Rasmussen Reports

Republican Robert F. McDonnell has bounced back to a nine-point lead over Democrat R. Creigh Deeds in the race to become Virginia’s next governor.

Remember, the last Rasmussen poll had the spread at 48-46.

Coming on the heels of the Survey USA Poll, this is not, we repeat, not good news for the Democrats.

Which causes Brian at Bearing Drift to ask: Have Democrats lost their minds?

When Sen. Mark Warner cuts an ad endorsing Creigh Deeds, saying he’ll keep taxes low, while Creigh Deeds tells “young lady” reporters how taxes will be raised, I gotta ask the obvious question.

And, no, that isn’t “Did Creigh Deeds write a thesis about young lady reporters?”

Quite simply, have Democrats lost their minds?

In response to the polls the Deeds camp threw caution to the wind and re-deployed their already failed strategy to focus on the thesis.

Bearing Drift has some details: Deeds campaign wants to talk thesis after the recent poll numbers? Yikes.
Well, when they’re not cutting ads that make a liar out of Mark Warner, they have decided to focus on, drum roll, the THESIS!

It gets better:

$5 million? What $5 million?
The right-wing liberal

RWL quotes Augusta County Democrat Chris GrahamThe bad poll news comes on the heels of a story circulating in Democratic circles today that the Democratic National Committee is reportedly holding on to its $5 million financial commitment to the Deeds campaign out of concern that the Deeds campaign has focused too much of its attention on the controversial Bob McDonnell 1989 grad-school thesis setting out a hardline social-conservative political agenda for his budding political career and not enough on putting down a framework for what a Deeds administration would do for Virginia. [Augusta Free Press]

SWAC Girl reports:  Poll has McDonnell ahead … Waynesboro Democrats concerned
If that bit of news is correct, it would be a huge disappointment to the Deeds campaign and, possibly, the final death knell to a candidate who has struggled since he won the Democrat primary in June.

Tertium Quids:  In Which Tim Kaine Sticks a Fork in Creigh Deeds, Proving that even a nice guy like Gov. Kaine isn’t above shanking a fellow, in-state Democrat, whom he has endorsed, when money is on the line.

As The right-wing liberal asks:  Does the Governors father-in-law know about this?


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