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6 Oct


Extra work and a fight against the onset of H1N1 (so far I’m winning) kept me away from the keyboard over the weekend.  But Bearing Drift and Virginia Virtucon have a pretty good handle on the whole “stuttering” incident.

Bearing Drift:  That’ll teach you, Sheila!

The reality is that McDonnell did not make the statement. Johnson apologized for making it. And we spent another day not talking about transportation or taxes thanks to a campaign being run by people who would rather distract from the fact that Deeds has no plan for either…I could care less how Deeds verbally communicates his policies. What worries me is that with four weeks left to go in the campaign he has nothing to say.

Virginia Virtucon:  Dumbest Noncontroversy of Campaign 2009

Finally, what a wonderful way for the Democrats to remind people that one of Gov. Timmy!’s top supporters has abandoned ship and is now supporting McDonnell.  Ms. Johnson, as she herself recognized in her apology, should have used other means to convey Deeds’ inability to convey any sort of coherent policy message to the electorate.  But the Dems’ attacks upon her may only serve to further alienate her from the Democrat-ick Party.  And her apology puts this matter to rest.


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