Jim Webb's Weekend at Burmese

6 Oct

Jim Webb’s Weekend With a War Criminal
The Weekly Standard

In my last post on Burma, I reported the second meeting in as many months between Senator Jim Webb and Nyan Win, the foreign minister for the Burmese junta. This time the meeting was in Washington, which required that Win be granted a visa waiver (he, like the rest of the junta’s senior figures, is on a prohibited list). The ostensible reason for his trip was to visit the Burmese embassy to check on needed repairs. But that excuse is absurd on its face, and no sooner had Nyan Win arrived then Senator Jim Webb appeared at the embassy to discuss steps to improve U.S.-junta relations.

Nyan Win supervised — as in planed, ordered, and directed — the taking of children off Burma’s streets, stripping them of their family, and essentially brainwashing and dehumanizing them into doing the regime’s killing. In the junta’s ongoing wars against various ethnic groups, thousands of these children have been killed. They have also committed henious human rights abuses in the name of their new masters — raping and killing come as second nature once all values other than loyalty to the regime are stripped away. “If we killed, we were given food” the child told the debriefer.


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