Barack Obama: This is not the Creigh Deeds I knew…

7 Oct

Seems The White House is throwing Creigh Deeds under the bus.

White House Steps Back in Virginia Race
The Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON — The White House is stepping back from lending its heft to a bellwether gubernatorial race in Virginia, party strategists say, seeking to conserve its political capital and avoid close association with a candidate who might lose.

It’s pretty telling though that Barack Obama couldn’t see the futility of flying to Copenhagen on behalf of Chicago, but knows it’s a lost cause to drive across the Potomac for Creigh Deeds.


One Response to “Barack Obama: This is not the Creigh Deeds I knew…”


  1. Election 2009: Carpathia steams to rescue Titanic, but is it too late? - October 20, 2009

    […] With poll, after poll, after poll showing Bob McDonnell (as well as Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli) with a commanding and potentially runaway lead, and from what we’re hearing more devasting numbers out tomorrow [Virginia Virtucon: More (REALLY) Bad Polling News Due Out Wed. For Deeds], the Deeds camp sent one final S.O.S. to the White House that had previously seemed to be turning a deaf ear to Virginia. […]

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