McDonnell doubles lead. WaPo declares day of mourning.

8 Oct

McDonnell Widens Lead in Virginia Governor’s Race
The Washington Post

McDonnell leads 53 to 44 percent among likely voters, expanding on the four-point lead he held in mid-September. Deeds’s advantage with female voters has all but disappeared and McDonnell has grown his already wide margin among independents. Deeds, a state senator from western Virginia, is widely seen by voters as running a negative campaign, a finding that might indicate his aggressive efforts to exploit McDonnell’s 20-year-old graduate thesis are turning voters away.

Odd isn’t it, that the WaPo says Deeds was pushing the thesis.  Like they had nothing to do with it.

We like the way Politico puts it.

Republican sweep looking likely in Virginia

Among independent voters, McDonnell holds a whopping 21-point lead over Deeds, 59 to 38 percent. And a 51 percent majority of Virginia voters characterized McDonnell as “about right” ideologically

Commanding lead still for GOP ticket in WaPo poll
Bearing Drift

Every candidate for statewide office for the GOP remains plus 9 in the latest Washington Post poll. McDonnell is at 53%. This is an increase in five points for McDonnell since the last poll.

WaPo poll: So much for Deeds closing in
Virginia Virtucon

The internals for Deeds are, well, terrible.  His call for tax increases was opposed by 55% of the voters “and even in Northern Virginia a slim majority of voters oppose new taxes for transportation”


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