What? Because he hasn't sewn up the moonbat vote?

14 Oct

notevilWhat’s Al Gore’s carbon footprint for coming to Virginia to raise money for Creigh Deeds?

Gore coming to Va. for Deeds
The visit will provide positive publicity for Deeds in the days before the Nov. 3 election, when Deeds will face Bob McDonnell, the Republican nominee.

“Positive publicity?”  Is the Deeds campaign writing articles for Politico now?

Or, as Bearing Drift notes:  Gore, who’s Mr. Cap-and-Trade, will come to Virginia reminding all of us about the inconvenient truth of how many jobs will be lost and how much energy prices will sky-rocket if the National Energy Tax is actually passed. 

Look, my view is that taking care of the environment is a conservative issue.  It’s the wise use of our natural resources.  But the fact is, Al Gore is a snake oil salesman. 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of reputable scientists have refuted the claims made by Gore and others regarding “Global Warming” or “Climate Change.”  But you won’t hear that in the mainstream media.

That’s why you need to see:  Not Evil Just Wrong

And you’ll see why a British Court ruled that Al Gore’s Film, “An Incovenient Truth” could not be shown in British schools unless guidelines were given to balance Gore’s attempt at political indoctrination.  The ruling was based on The Nine Lies of Al Gore.

But with the White House all but ignoring the Deeds’ campaign, I guess they had to go with the B list.

Oh and by the way, Friday’s weather for McLean calls for rain and temperatures in the 40s.


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