Nobody expects the Shannon Inquisition

20 Oct

shannoninquisitionFrom Shaun Kenney:  Shannon Attacks Cuccinelli on Confession?!

I’ve long railed against the anti-Catholicism that runs ever so close to the surface in Virginia politics.  Sometimes it bubbles up, and in Steve Shannon’s failing campaign to be the next Attorney General of Virginia, it just came to the forefront.

Shaun says:

The problem with the bill isn’t just the fact that federal courts have upheld the “seal of confession” for Catholic priests, the problem is that the attack on Cuccinelli just ain’t true.

Shaun’s got the video of the misleading Shannon ad.

Shades of 2005?

Just as it is in my life, my religious faith was a vital part of that story. I spoke about it often. But it wasn’t clear until late in the race how much of an impact my faith would play in the contest, when Kilgore ran aggressive death penalty attack ads. Using the family members of crime victims, Kilgore insisted that my personal faith-based opposition to capital punishment would prevent me from carrying out executions. The ads were shocking and emotional. They led some pundits to immediately claim they would sink my campaign.
How I Won, by Tim Kaine, Blueprint Magazine, February 9, 2006

Kaine responded to the Kilgore ad with one of his own, in which a narrator quotes blurbs from various newspapers that denounced the Republican spot as “vile,”  a “smear,” “dishonest,” and a false accusation against “a decent man” for which Kilgore “should apologize.”, October 19, 2005

And back to Shaun:

Here’s the kicker:  This anti-Catholic attack ad comes just days after Steve Shannon refused to fill out the Virginia Catholic Conference survey — joining the Deeds, Wagner, and 40 other state Democrats who tossed aside the questionnaire.


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