Squeakquel: A review of sorts

5 Jan

Sunday afternoon I parted with two hours and forty bucks that I’ll never see again.  Throughout the course of Christmas vacation, the not-yet-ten-year-old asked over, and over, and over to go to see Squeakquel, the second (that’s right there’s more than one) Chipmunks movie. 

It was not on my list of movies to see this break. I wanted to see, among other things, A Christmas Carol and Sherlock Holmes.  Alas, we’ll have to wait for them to show up On Demand.

To be fair, ten of the forty bucks were from the not-yet-ten-year-old’s gift card that he got for Christmas.  It has long been his desire to have the elusive large, refillable popcorn and a large drink.  Dad usually insists on the kid’s pack which includes a good supply of popcorn, candy and a drink.  His argument was that he always runs out of popcorn.  So I relented.  Of course the ten dollars from his gift card covered the eight dollar popcorn, and part of the drink.

Anyway, what was I talking about?  Oh yes, the movie.

Okay, he got some laughs from it.  There were singing chipmunks, girl chipmunks and the requisite flatulence jokes.  This movie I could have waited to see on DVD like I did the first one.  At least I think I watched the first one.  I can’t be sure.  I tend to repress painful memories.

Not to spoil the plot, but basically Alvin’s antics land Dave in the hospital in France.  So the boys go home to stay with relatives, and go to school.  That leads to such interesting plot devices as wedgies and swirlies.

In the end the boys are called upon to save the school music program by performing in a music contest.  But wait there’s a twist (and shout) that I won’t reveal in case it might spoil your viewing pleasure.

Of course I had a problem with the contest.  After all, according to the concert schedule, the Chipmunks are professional musicians.  Shouldn’t they be disqualified from a school music competition?

See?  This movie turned my brain to mush.


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