My LOST Weekend…or two

22 Jan

Tonight I started my five season marathon of LOST prior to the Season 6 (and final season) Premiere on February 2nd. 

Much to catch up on. 

Much to remember.

As always, ABC’s Doc Jensen provides the scoop and the theories: ‘Lost’: A Shot at Redemption

All of Lost is like Luke 4. It’s a story that began with people who entered a wilderness and found themselves tested by mysterious, menacing forces. It is now ending with our heroes battling at least one evil spirit, and maybe more, depending on what we ultimately learn about Jacob, the Man In Black, Smokey, and Ghost Christian. And in the middle of this amazing saga about a very strange form of timeless grace, Lost has been about souls struggling toward redemption — about ”prisoners” trapped by their past, about ”blind” souls learning to see themselves for who they really are, about ”oppressed” people liberating themselves from powerful, exploitative forces that would rather keep them stuck in their ruinous rut.

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