Random thoughts on 24, Day 8 (possible spoilers)

26 Jan

I have to admit I remain skeptical.  Seasons 6 and 7 were less than great.  Okay, they were pretty bad.  But so far, 24 once again has me intrigued.  Sure some of the formulas are the same, but episodes 4 and 5 had some interesting twists. 

Just some random thoughts.

Glad that Kim and family got on the plane back to L.A.  Kim has always been less than one of my favorite characters.  But for two hours, I was dreading the thought that they’d put Jack’s grandchild in danger.  They may yet.  They’d better not.

Didn’t care for the fact that Chloe didn’t have the upper hand at CTU the first couple of hours.  We all know that Chloe is the best there is.  But it took a while for Hastings and company to learn it.

Still, Chloe doesn’t have her usual nemesis now that Dana/Jenny has problems of her own.

Speaking of Dana/Jenny.  Not real fond of that story line either.  Starbuck would’ve kicked that redneck’s backside halfway across the galaxy by now. 

As for Dana/Jenny being a former convict.  Didn’t CTU run a background check?

Something tells me that Arlo should be wearing a red shirt.

I’m not sure yet that I’m going to like the kinder, gentler Jack.  Let’s hope that part doesn’t last. 

But if it does, Renee Walker is one bad dude.


One Response to “Random thoughts on 24, Day 8 (possible spoilers)”

  1. SouthsideCentral January 27, 2010 at 12:15 am #

    Over/Under of when the NYC branch of CTU will be compromised & attacked: 2:30 AM

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