The 90 Day Challenge – Day 46

15 Feb

Back at the first of the year I announced that I was taking The 90 Days Challenge.  It’s a reading challenge to go through the entire Bible (NIV version) in 90 days.  My copy of the NIV means that I need to read between 16-17 days.

So far, I’ve kept up.  I’ve missed a couple of days and have had to double up to stay on track.  It’s an ambitious reading project. 

I intend to finish, but I don’t know that this is the best way to read, certainly not study, the Scriptures.  Yes, it’s good to read through them in order to get the story.  But there’s no reading for comprehension.

I look forward to actually saying “there, I did it.”  But then I need to slow down, take a different reading approach and read more for substance.


One Response to “The 90 Day Challenge – Day 46”

  1. Derek February 16, 2010 at 1:31 am #

    Hi Michael,

    That is an interesting and honest evaluation.

    I think there is a hit or miss approach to reading the bible in 90 days, and it has to do with ones mindset or maybe other factors.

    For example; when I read through I kept in my mind key themes I wanted to try and trace and when I came across certain words or phrases I often circled them. Soon I began to see how certain circled words or phrases related back to a key passage and in no time at all I found myself building my own “scripture reference” right in the text.

    I good example of this was in Exodus. When I read 6:2-8 the phrases “I am the Lord”, “as God Almighty”, “I will be your God” and “I am the Lord your God”; it seemed to me that God was trying to communicate something here: that He is the Lord and the He want’s to be Israel’s Lord. As I read through Exodus to Deuteronomy I realized the text was revealing a battle of “who is Lord”. Soon I began referencing back and forth (like when I connected this passage to Deuteronomy 10:14-22) and found this motif to be greater then I ever realized.

    I didn’t dwell in the text. And because I was flying through, it wasn’t as though I had to “look up” passages, I just quickly flipped back and found my marks. I would not allow the time to consume me but I did find that by reading in 90 days, but also (and probably more importantly) by reading with purpose and intention I was both retaining and I found it to be as beneficial as any study.

    This testimony may help you.
    Also, another pastor has taken up the challenge and is blogging his way through at You may find in his blogs a kindred spirit. Perhaps you’ll want to interact with him.

    Keep it up brother. I’ll be interesting to read your concluding remarks.

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