I do not fear the coming Ukropalypse

17 Feb

@Martins: Dies ist verboten

I’ve not commented much about the sale of Ukrop’s and the coming of Martin’s to Richmond. Change happens.

Ukrop’s, of course, is known for their service, their prepared foods and their community support.

Whether or not they can live up to the service of Ukrop’s remains to be seen. But quite frankly I’ve never been comfortable about a 97-year-old man or a cheerleader-esque teenage girl carrying my groceries to my car.

The good news is that last week the RTD reported that the prepared foods will stay:

What won’t be changing at Ukrop’s is the baked goods and prepared foods.

Those items are made at a central location and shipped to stores daily. Those baked goods, including Ukrop’s famed White House Rolls, and prepared foods will continue to be sold to Ahold under a new venture that the Ukrop family will operate.

Richmond Times Dispatch, February 8, 2010

That’s good to know. Nobody around does prepared foods like Ukrop’s. My wife boasts that she hasn’t fried chicken since we moved to Richmond some sixteen years ago. And, who needs to?

I guess the thing that changes is that we can now pick up that chicken for Sunday dinner…on the way home from church.

Speaking of which, I don’t really care about Ukrop’s, excuse me Martin’s, opening on Sunday, well other than the loss of tradition. Or about them selling beer and wine. After all, if you can’t get to Total Wine or The Wine Cellar, Kroger has a decent selection.

But what Martin’s may have to learn is how much the Richmond community relied on and appreciate the support from the Ukrop’s chain and the Ukrop’s family.

I’d heard this rumor, but today’s RTD article confirmed this:

Ukrop’s sale brings changes for charitable groups

Groups, including the Girl Scouts and the Salvation Army, will no longer will be allowed to set up shop outside Ukrop’s stores to sell their wares or solicit donations, as they have done for years.

Nobody messes with my Thin Mints. Nobody.

In reality though, I buy my Girl Scout cookies from my niece. Since she’s just in first grade, I think my supply will hold out for a few years.

But to deny the Girl Scouts the opportunity to sell their cookies in front of the store seems a bit Grinchy.

Also singled out is the Salvation Army.

This one’s a bit more personal for me. I spent Christmas break my sophomore year in college manning a Salvation Army kettle in the Bronx. To this day I’m neither physically nor emotionally capable of passing by a red Salvation Army kettle without contributing. If I don’t have any change, I dig for the folding money.

So I’m thinking Martin’s may have a bit to learn about Richmond. Sure we’ll try them out. But they’re going to have to win me over. And this policy is not a good start.

I understand it’s corporate policy.

But they don’t have to be Aholds about it.


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