LOST: John Locke lies in the shadow of the statue…

17 Feb
Terry O’Quinn as John Locke

…if you get my drift.

Nobody does LOST recaps and analysis better than Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly.

This week is no exception.

‘Lost’ recap: The Man With the Plan
Jeff Jensen, Entertainment Weekly

For the third straight episode, the episode’s lead character was given a conspicuous moment in the bathroom, looking long and hard in the mirror. Where Jack saw an explicable (continuity) flaw on his skin and Kate watched herself flutter through the déjà vu blinky-blinkies, Locke struck a more conventional, contemplative pose, absent of any hint that he might be aware of his Island self. Which makes sense, given that Island Locke is, like, dead. But two simpler explanations for Locke’s apparent agnosticism/atheism are (1) It might be too painful for him to consider divine possibilities (If there really is a God or grand design to my life, why the hell did He/She/It cripple me?); or (2) this Locke is a product of different influences, none of which have produced a yearning for divine connection or eyes to see the divine in the world. Might his life be richer if he were to allow himself to reconsider his spiritual perspective? Or might his life become worse? Processing… processing….

Read the whole article.

While contemplating last night’s episode and trolling around the Internet myself, something Locke said way back in Season three when Nikki and Paulo were the central story?  We’d not seen much of them before, but we learn they’d killed Nikki’s lover and were making off with a stash of diamonds.  Anyway, the two end up dead, or so the other castaways thought.  Turns out they were just paralyzed temporarily by the bite of this strange little island spider.  The bite makes you appear to be dead.  The last thing we see is the dirt being shoveled over Nikki as her eyes open.  But enough about them.

The memorable quote from Locke was “Nothing stays buried on this island.”  Funny that I’d remember that just as the dirt is being shoveled over Locke’s body.

Significant?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But intriguing.

Oh, and this just in: ‘Lost’ exclusive: Maggie Grace, a.k.a. Shannon, returns this season


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