Non Resolute

18 Feb

Back on New Year’s Eve when I returned from my post-historical-election hiatus, I pointed out that I was not making resolutions for 2010.  Instead, I gave a list of things I wanted to work on.

Now, almost two months into the year, how am I doing?

Health and Fitness:  Not where I want to be.  As I mentioned a few minor health bumps slowed me down. Nothing major, but all of which have prevented me from going back to the gym (specifically the pool).  But we’ve now resolved other issues with the Wii Fit and the weather is warming up enough to allow me to walk at lunch time. So, there’s not much progress.  But there is movement.

Writing:  I’ve not really made progress towards getting published. But I’m writing, researching and reading daily.

Spanish:  Sigh…I’ve still got the CDs in the truck.

Study:  I’m back in class, back in a regular Sunday School class and I’m reading daily.  I’m also a little more than halfway through The 90 Day Challenge.

So, not exactly where I want to be.  But not a total slacker either.


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