Lenten Reflections – Day 33

21 Mar

Blessed be thy love for giving thy Son to die for our sins, for the means of grce, and for the hope of glory.

Blessed be thy love for all the temporal benefits which thou has dealt with a liberal hand poured out upon me; for my health and strength, food and raiment, and all other necessities with which thou has provided thy sinful servant.

I also bless thee that after all my refusals of thy grace thou still hast patience with me, hast preserved me this night and given me yet another day to renew and perfect my repentance.

Pardon, good Lord, all my former sins, and make me every day more zealous and diligent to improve every opportunity of building up my soul in thy fait, love and obedience.

Make thyself always present to my mind, and let thy love fill and rule my soul in all those places, companies and employments to which thou callest me this day.

In all my passage through this world suffer not my heart to be set upon it, but always fix my single eye and my undivided affections on the price of my high calling.

This one thing let me do: let me press toward this as to make all things else minister unto it, and be careful so as to use them as thereby to fit my soul for that pure bliss which thou has prepared for those that love thee.

~ From John Wesley’s Prayers


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