Cantor Condemns Violence; Kaine Seizes Fundraising Opportunity

25 Mar

Virginia Virtucon has the story: Cantor Calls On Kaine To Stop Fanning The Flames Of Violence For Political Gain

Cantor’s statement:

This violence, real or imagined, is helping no one. But the fact remains that the left is orchestrating a campaign for political gain. They’ve done it before. Over on Facebook a friend posed a link to a call for Republicans to condemn the hate. I responded:

Every Republican leader I’ve heard has done just that. Including my Congressman Eric Cantor whose campaign office had a bullet come through the window the night after the vote.

Or maybe we could ask Bart Stupak who before he sold out his vote, was receiving hate mail and threats from people on the left.

As for, it’s a case of “physician heal thyself” or a case of clean up your own house before you clean up mine.

The media and the left ignored the calls to kill George Bush, ignored the “Snipers Wanted” caption under his picture on Craig Kilborne’s show. I could show you dozens of pictures of George Bush with a bullet hole painted on his head, or an effigy of him in a guillotine. Does any of that justify the comments from the right, if indeed that’s where they’re from? Of course not.

Pay attention, this is an orchestrated campaign to take attention off the fact that the majority of the American people do not want this legislation.

Violence and hatred is never justified, so yes, I’ve been hearing conversatives and Repuiblicans and the official Tea Party leaders repudiating the hate and attacks all day long. I just read a statement from Virginia’s own Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who was the first to challenge Obamacare in court. Unlike the left, we DON’T tolerate it.

I could also show you a video several years back of Nancy Pelosi saying “we welcome dissent” when referring to anti-war protestors.

But, in spite of all the rhetoric about hate and attacks that may or may not be happening Congress still hasn’t reallized one thing – the American people are pissed off.

I’m not in the business of making threats or advocating violence. But I am working my backside off to produce justice come the November elections.


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