RNC: Anybody have $10 Billion in Singles?

30 Mar

One Little Bar Tab Should Put Michael Steele at Risk
Chip Hanlon at Red Country

And if the spending and the leadership are examined closely and found to be lacking, shouldn’t the man in charge of it all suffer a worse professional outcome than a donor who picked up a bar tab?

Hugh Hewitt has Another RNC E-mail

I really don’t have much more to say about the stupidity of all of this.

Here we are, Republicans finally banding together. Conservatives lining up to fight Obamacare and to take back the House and maybe the Senate in the fall. And we get this story.

If I’ve read correctly one person has been fired. Sorry. Not good enough.

Anyone and everyone who knew about this, who approved it, who condoned it or who tried to cover it up should be gone.


I can’t wait until the next time RNC calls my house.


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