The 90 Days Challenge – Done

31 Mar

Back on New Year’s Eve, I announced that I was taking The 90-Days Challenge. It was a challenge to read approximately 12 pages of the Bible each day. In the NIV version, that gets you through the entirety of the Scriptures in 90-days. My NIV version was a study version, so I had to adapt and did about 16 pages daily.

I’ve commented before that I’m not sure this is the best way to read the Bible. Yes, it’s an accomplishment. And I’ve done it. But it has not been the best way to gain an understanding of what’s there. I’m pretty sure I dozed through some of the Old Testament law and maybe a few of the minor prophets.

Still, it’s been a good project. One that I’ll likely undertake again, perhaps in a different fashion.

For now, the focus is on Holy Week, Jesus walk to the cross and his resurrection.

Sunday’s coming.


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