The Week When We Give the President Some Slack

6 Apr

If you read here regularly, as you should, you know that I’m no fan of the President. More precisely, I’m no fan of his policies, his politics and his methods. And we haven’t hesitated to poke fun, on many occasions.

But I just don’t want to join in with my conservative/liberarian brethren to criticize anything and everything just because it’s him. For example this week:


Many on the right, and perhaps a few on the left have criticized the Obama’s because they haven’t found a regular church home in Washington. Certainly, we agree that his church home in Chicago was problematic enough, but that’s another story. That’s also before he was President.

This past Sunday, Easter Sunday, the most important day in the entire church year, the Obama’s attended Allen Chapel AME Church in Southeast Washington, D.C. Predictably, there were long lines for the security of those wishing to attend service there, and some were turned away. On Easter Sunday. [ABC News]

Last month in an interview with NBC News, the President said, “We’ve decided for now … not to join a single church. The reason is because Michelle and I have realized we are very disruptive to services.”

I can respect that. It’s certainly the view the Reagan’s took after he was shot. Having the President attend your church runs the risk of your church being about having the President. It doesn’t matter who that President is.

So, I neither fault him, nor question his faith for that reason. There may be other reasons, that’s not one of them.


Yes, I know that the first pitch the President threw out at the Nationals game was high and to the left. But I’m sure I couldn’t do that well. Plus, I’m not inclined to want to elect a leader based on his athletic ability. I mean, think about the possibilities.

Sure, he goobered up some answers in the interview and drew some boos when he pulled out the White Sox hat. But, so? What does that have to do with national policy?


Finally, for now any way, I don’t care that on his Census form that the President checked his race as “black.” [New York Times] He could have taken the time to check both black and white, accurately reflecting his heritage. But he didn’t. He identifies himself with the African American community, his wife is African American and his children are predominantly African American.

You know, our nation, and particularly my home state, has an ugly history associated with the “one drop rule.” I’m not inclined to criticize the President for how he identifies his heritage.

I don’t agree with the President on Health Care, on Nuclear Weapons, on Cap and Trade, on Abortion and so much more. But let’s keep the discussions, arguments if you will, at the level of policy and not on petty issues that really don’t matter.

I’m just sayin’ is all.


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