Some Dare Call it Sedition

20 Apr

And that some would be wrong.

Joe Klein Equates Advocating Limited Government With Sedition
Below the Beltway

Now, I have been among the first to criticize Beck, or Palin, or Bachmann, or Limbaugh when they say something stupid, but where, tell me, have any of them ever advocated “the overthrow or destruction” of the United States Government? They haven’t, of course, meaning that Klein’s charge is bogus.

Glenn Beck Strikes Back At Joe Klein: I’m Not Seditious. I Love My Country

Indeed. And if Klein and Heilemann weren’t both shamelessly shilling for the President they helped get elected, they’d be going after him rather than those expressing concern about the direction of the nation.

Joe Klein Reads Off His Napkin: Beck and Palin “Rub Right Up Close To Being Seditious”
News Real Blog

As president, Jefferson pardoned all who were convicted under the Sedition Act and helped pay their fines. The law was off the books by 1802.

El Rushbo Accused of Sedition

Folks, I’m all over the sound bites. It’s a shame. You know I try never to talk about me on this program. I try never to make me the issue. I was accused yesterday of sedition. Eighty percent of the American people disapprove of government power right now, it’s a Pew Research Center poll, 80% of the people do not like the level of power the government has now. They don’t like it. Are they guilty of sedition? You know why I’m guilty of sedition? Because I use the word “regime.” I’m guilty of sedition. Joe Klein was on Matthews Sunday show, he said Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are guilty of sedition, and this John Heilemann guy who wrote that book with Halperin where they kept all that information for their book rather than the campaign, “Well, gotta throw Limbaugh in there, Limbaugh is sedition, too.” Byron York, just as he did with Matthews, has gone back to the nexus database and found that Mr. Heilemann himself has used the word “regime,” numerous times. In fact, even once describing Obama. Yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s.

Joe Klein Calls Beck and Palin Seditious
Right Pundits

What happened to free speech that the lefties so love to scream about? It’s perfectly fine for the Times to print leaked CIA documents, publish the weak points in our troops armor or even name undercover agents whom worked under the Bush administration and they see no problem with that. Yet when media personal on the right complain about Obama and big government suddenly it’s sedition.

Not Taking Tea Partiers Seriously
Brit Hume, FOX News

the president seems not to grasp that the Tea Partiers see the mountains of debt piling up under this president and Congress as a threat not only to their own prosperity but even more so to their children and grandchildren’s.


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