The Washington Post Just Can’t Stand the Fact that Bob McDonnell is Governor

3 May

Seriously, they just keep trying to find controversy when none’s really there. After spending all last fall trying to paint him as an Altar Boy at the Church of Pat Robertson, the Post continues to try to define McDonnell.

Perhaps they should spend their time trying to define journalism. They’ve lost that dictionary entry somewhere along the way.

McDonnell strikes a balance, conservatives rethink support
Anita Kumar, The Washington Post

RICHMOND — After eight years of Democratic rule, Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell was seen by conservatives as a political savior, someone who would restore the state’s right-leaning policies and traditions. But less than four months into his term, many conservatives have grown disenchanted, even as he has made direct appeals to causes they care about.

Okay Anita, sure we’ll give you that not all conservatives are happy with every thing Bob McDonnell has done as governor. But that’s about the only thing you got right.

Go back to those same people and ask them if they’d prefer Creigh Deeds to be their Governor.

We’ll wait.

After all, as much as it disturbs you, we’ve got four years.


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