Exercise is Dangerous

4 May

I have a lifetime of battling the scales. Sometimes I do better than others. Take for example last fall. Running up to December and our church Christmas production I was having a pretty successful time of taking off some pounds. But beginning the week before Christmas and running for about the next two months, one little health glitch after another kept me from getting back to the gym and the pounds started adding back on.

So, I’ve been working on it this spring. Since I’m working weekends now, I’ve given myself the grace of not going to the gym on Monday mornings. That brings us to today.

It was a good morning at the gym. I’d finally found a new pair of swim shoes that would keep me from damaging my feet again (see health glitch above) and I was feeling pretty good about my workout in the pool.

But after shaving I reached for something back in my shaving kit and managed to slice open the middle finger of my right hand. Yes, I’m right handed. And yes, it’s made typing and mousing a bit difficult. Not to worry. After all, I have a deadline looming.

I’ll spare the graphic details, but let’s just say that the toilet tissue didn’t stop the bleeding. Neither did the paper towels, or the handkerchief. But I managed to finish getting dressed and headed out to the front desk where they handed me a bandage, and then a towel to wrap my hand. I won’t mention the name of the gym, but I will note that I was a little concerned that no one trained in first aid was alerted. Face it, when an extra-large, 51-year-old man is bleeding onto your counter, you should react.

They did get me directions to the closest Patient First. About an hour later I was all bandaged up with instructions not to get it wet for a couple of days. So, no pool tomorrow or Thursday. And, just in case, stand upwind.

All this is to say that I’m not sure why I keep getting these little roadblocks to a consistent workout schedule at the gym. But maybe its for the best.

I’ve got the bandaged finger to prove that, yes indeed, excercise is dangerous.

Oh, and I lost my new swim shoes.


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