Seriously? The RNC is hawking THESE bumper stickers?

12 May

So, I got this email from Chairman Steele today.

It’s time for the Obama Democrats to stop vilifying their own fellow Americans and listen. And there’s no better way to make them understand than by displaying the “PROUD CONSERVATIVE,” “IS IT 2012 YET?” and “LISTEN TO ME NOW — OR HEAR ME IN NOVEMBER!” bumper stickers you’ll receive when you make a $5 or more contribution to the RNC today.

Just one more example of how the RNC just doesn’t get it.

They’ve learned nothing from the rejection of Charlie Crist in Florida and Bob Bennett in Utah. Republicans this fall are in just as much danger of losing as Democrats.

Pretty bumper stickers, Mr. Steele. When the GOP actually starts believing them and living up to them, let me know.


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