Final thoughts on 24

5 Jun

Earlier this  year, I snarked about the final season of 24.  I’ve said numerous times in the past couple of seasons that I thought the show had jumped the Shark.   I was particularly disappointed in the first few hours of Season 8.

So when I went away to New Orleans in February, I missed a week of 24 and never bothered catching back up.  I just didn’t care.  And it was a bit of a relief to only be depedent upon one night of television.  That being Tuesday night and LOST.

But friends and tweets and reviews kept talking about the awesomeness of the final season.  So this week I got caught up.  I have to say that the show actually did recapture some of it’s old feel, some of the old excitement.

And, like that first moment of excitement when we saw Darth Vader’s TIE fighter spiraling off into the cosmos, there’s a satisfying sense of knowing that “he’ll be back.”

Perhaps the biggest thing for  me is that I now officially have no “must see” TV.  I have thus far refused to get caught up in another series.  Oh sure, there are lots that I’m sure I’d enjoy.  But I much prefer not being chained to the TV Guide, or even the DVR. 

And, that’s  a good thing.


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