Tonight, I’m a happy boy

9 Jun

It’s been a long time coming.

I’ve been a little paranoid about my home office PC for some time now.  It was a 2003 purchase that we’ve upgraded a couple of times.  But with multiple users, it’s been moving a little slowly.  Still, I didn’t have the extra cash laying around that I could justify sinking into a new system.  So we stuggled on.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I got my latest Marriott Rewards catalogue.  See, back in another life I pocketed a pile of Marriott points when I was planning conferences all over the country.  We’ve held onto them for over 15 years.  Of course 15 years ago we had enough to take a cruise.  Not so much anymore.  So, last week I cashed them in for a new HP comptuter 5 GB hardrive, Windows 7, 20 inch monitor.

Today it came.  So tonight I’ve been setting it up and transfering files.  I could get used to this.


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