The Wigwam – Part 2 (via Miss Marti’s House)

14 Jun

My friend Marti is doing some great things as an Urban Missionary.

The Wigwam - Part 2 In June 8th’s post The Wigwam, I shared some new information on our property.  You may want to read that post to bring you up-to-date.  I’m was thrilled later in the day when I heard from my friend Tim Holtz that Barton Heights Baptist Church was now known as Northminster Baptist Church.  I had discerned that during some of my online research, but it was confirmed by Tim!  Later, Tim brought me a copy of a book, A People Called Northminster which … Read More

via Miss Marti's House


One Response to “The Wigwam – Part 2 (via Miss Marti’s House)”

  1. Kyle June 19, 2010 at 9:08 pm #

    It’s a small world. I was in the meeting where Tim Holtz asked if there were any extra copies of the church history.

    Thanks for the link to her blog.

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