I’m calling it: Hillary 2012

15 Jul

I said several times back in 2012 that the best choice between Obama, Clinton and McCain may well have been Hillary Clinton.  Not because I can support her, or her politics.  But of the three she may have been the most qualified and ~gulp~ the most rational of the choices.

And, I think she’ll be the Democratic nominee in 2012.

Pete DuPont thinks I might be right (or I think Pete DuPont might be right): 

Hillary Clinton for President
The secretary of state could mount a formidable challenge to Obama.
Pete Du Pont in The Wall Street Journal

First, as Peggy Noonan wrote earlier this month, the conclusion one hears from most “normal” American people is that the president “is in over his head, and out of his depth.” Even most progressives agree that “the Obama presidency has been a big disappointment,” according to Eric Alterman of The Nation. That means there’s a big opportunity for Mrs. Clinton.

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