Once more into the beach…

7 Aug

My family, well most of us, heads to the Outer Banks today.  Still waking up, getting the last of the laundry done, stocking the fridge for the 21-year-old staying behind to work and keep the live stock (old dog, betta and hermit crab).

I’m looking forward to early mornings on the beach.  Time to pray.  Time to think about stuff, or not. 

I’ll be contemplating what’s happening with this blog and the other.  This one is more of a place holder, the other more an experiment.  But neither are gathering much traffic.  I need to get back to the business of serious writing.  And I need to figure out how these blogs fit, or not, into that plan.  And I need a plot for Nanowrimo.

But not today.  Or tomorrow.  Or the next day…

No shoes.  No agenda.


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