The Beach – Day 4, or is it 5?

11 Aug

We’ve had a good few days here at the beach.  Nice and quiet.  A little different that years past.  A little more relaxed.  I like that.

That’s about to change today as more family starts arriving, but that will be good also.  Just not quiet.

I didn’t come with an agenda.  No plans to reorganize my life.  No plans to outline the next great writing project.  No plans to read volume after volume of works on my “must read” list. 

Yeah, I brought all of that stuff with me.  But I haven’t felt obligated to look at it. 

I think when I get home on Saturday, I’ll be ready to hit the ground running with much of that.  Back to work (at all three jobs).  Back to writing.  Back to the yard.  Back to the gym.  But I don’t have to map that out here.

I did finish a series of books I’ve been reading.  And last night, I read the manuscript of a friend.  I convinced that we’ll see it in published form soon.

Mainly, I’ve cleared out the cobwebs.  A busy fall and winter lie ahead.

Today, I’m ready for them.

Next week, the story may change again.


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