I’ve forgotten how to do this.

11 Sep

What’s that?  No, I’ve not forgotten how to blog.  Although, truth be told, I’m out of practice.

I’ve forgotten how to do yard work.

Stop laughing.

Over the summer of excessive temperatures, I was either working seven days a week (which continues), or I was traveling.  Between my son and I, our goals were to keep the front yard mowed so the neighbors wouldn’t picket, and keep the back yard mowed so we wouldn’t lose the dog when he went out to take a pee.  My little square foot garden thirsted away.

That was it.  My son left for college a month ago, and I was left on my own. 

So, I’ve planned to take the time I could this fall to get the yard cleaned up.  Clean up the branches that the oak trees keep depositing.  They’re determined to come down one at a time.  If you’d like to facilitate a quicker removal, I have a PayPay account.  But I also plan to clean out the flower beds that have been grassed in, and clean out the dry stream bed that no longer really works for rainwater control. 

It’s a beautiful day, I got out sort of early.  But the question was, what to do first?  I used to spend all day working in the yard, mulching and weeding and planting, etc.  No so much anymore.  And when today, I encountered a problem with the weed eater, I was stuck.

No, I didn’t quit.  I just took care of some other things.  But it made me realize I was out of practice.  The next step of yard work just didn’t come easy.  I had to stop and think it through.  Who knew that yard work could be so paralyzing?

Still, it was good to be back out there.  While I didn’t accomplish as much as I hoped, I do have a grasp now on what has to be done.  So on those rare evenings when I’ve got an hour or two to spend outside, I’ll be productive.  I can take on smaller projects and move forward.

After all, the leaves will be changing soon.


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