Something Nano this way comes…

13 Sep

It’s September 13.

I have a month and a half before Nanowrimo 2010 begins.

“Nanowrimo” is short for “National Novel Writing Month,” a writing challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.  That’s roughly 1666 words (hmmmm…maybe that number is the problem…) per day.

I have attempted this insanity for several years.  I have successfully completed the challenge twice.  Once in 2005.  Once in 2009. 

The 2005 work has potential and is being edited.  The 2009 work was pure garbage.

But that’s sort of the point.  The challenge is to get 50,000 words on paper in 30 days, not to write and edit the next Great American Novel.  In fact, editing is forbidden.  Writers are encouraged not to go back and change or edit their work.  Just keep writing, even if it is garbage.  And really that’s the only way to be successful.

The years that I completed the challenge, I started with an outline.  I knew where the story was going. 

Not so much this year.

I have a character name, and two “must use” phrases.  In the next month and a half I must develop a plot, an outline, and create some characters with whom my main character may interact.

And I’d better get busy.  Time is running out.


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