About Sarah Palin and Politico

1 Nov

So, according to Politico – Next for GOP leaders: Stopping Sarah Palin

Top Republicans in Washington and in the national GOP establishment say the 2010 campaign highlighted an urgent task that they will begin in earnest as soon as the elections are over: Stop Sarah Palin.

I just can’t stand garbage like this. First of all, who are these anonymous sources? And why won’t Politico name them?

Secondly, “Top Republicans” are the reason we have Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Their failure to lead when they were in charge led to this. As Scott Rasmussen pointed out in The Wall Street Journal tomorrow is A Vote Against Dems, Not for the GOP.

Finally, if the GOP “elites” want to make THIS their mission, let me be clear, Sarah Palin is not my candidate for 2012…

BUT she WILL be.


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