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Make it Snow Around the World (via News)

1 Dec

The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found? J. B. Priestley December 1st makes a lot of us think of the holidays. It's hard not to think about snow even if your climate doesn't bring it. Once again, we'd like to spread snow around the world through To make it snow on your … Read More

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Bring Tweets To Your Content (via News)

5 Nov

A whole lot of awesomeness.

Have you ever wanted to quote or share a tweet but had to painstakingly take screenshots of said tweet, upload them, and then embed the images in your post? Today we are launching a new feature dubbed Twitter Blackbird Pie. The new feature makes displaying tweets in all their glory as simple as pasting a link in your post as shown below. What is Blackbird Pie? Twitter Blackbird Pie is a me … Read More

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Texting: It’s Now For Blogging, Too (via News)

11 Oct

I like this feature. When I’m back to more serious blogging after the first of the year, I look forward to giving it a whirl.

Texting: It's Now For Blogging, Too Sometimes, you can't always get to your computer, but you may really need to handle something important on your blog. That's when a new feature we're launching today — Text Messaging — steps in to help. Through our shiny new 77377 (PRESS) shortcode, you can manage your blog using SMS messages. No computer? No problem. Note: Currently available in the USA only. Standard text message and data rates apply. We've added great free and … Read More

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10 Top Facebook Pages and Why They’re Successful [social media] (via 3 Penguins Design)

31 Aug

Something to consider whilst I continue to ponder where I fit in the blogging and social media world…

10 Top Facebook Pages and Why They’re Successful [social media] Does your business have a Facebook page? Have you ever wondered what successful Facebook page owners are doing right? Well, look no further. This article examines 10 of the top Facebook pages from brands you’ll likely recognize. Regardless of the size of your business, you’ll discover great ideas that will help you take your Facebook experience to the next level. Each of these pages has incorporated unique features that have attracted hundreds of … Read More

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Need to Put a Little Fresh Air into Your Blog? (via A Page of My Own)

4 Aug

Some good ideas here. I’ll be off at the beach next week and pondering just exactly how, or if, I want to remain in the blogosphere.

Need to Put a Little Fresh Air into Your Blog? Yesterday three of the blogs I regularly follow showed indications of burn out or overwhelm. One was just quitting, no explanation was given.  A second was going public with his ambivalence or loss of focus. And the third wrote to apologize for not getting to readers' comments-which I took as an indicator of being overwhelmed or swamped with conflicting tasks. Blogging requires dedication, an endless flow of creative energy and perseverance as we … Read More

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Do You Know About Tags and Tag Pages? (via Share the Word)

30 Jul

I may one day learn enough to be a successful blogger.

Do You Know About Tags and Tag Pages? We make no secret that there are a lot of bloggers. In June, we had more than 11 million users. Whoa, right? But, to the individual blogger, you may not feel like one of 11 million users. You may feel like the only user. You sign in to your blog, publish a post, and that's it. Done. If you're wondering where everybody went, it's time to check out our tag pages — one of the best places to discover blogger friends. I'm going to show … Read More

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“How I became a Foursquare cyberstalker” (via Men’s Anti-Violence Council’s Blog)

26 Jul

Good information here.

"How I became a Foursquare cyberstalker" The combination of my geek love for technology and my anti-violence work has created a fascination for learning all that I can about technologically facilitated stalking. People post so much personal information online. Do stalkers even need to follow you home and rifle through your garbage anymore to learn more about you? Apparently, all they need is a cellphone and data plan… How I became a Foursquare cyberstalker written by Leo Hickman and p … Read More

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What a Crazy Random Happenstance (via I Always Have a Plan – The Craft of LOST)

22 Jul

I just may have to start following this blog…

What a Crazy Random Happenstance A few days ago, through a series of random events, a room full of drunken people applauded me for my love of Lost. Here is how it happened. Last Friday, it was HOT. We had a few days in a row of near 100-degree temperatures. On a day like that, the last thing you want to do is turn on the stove. So we went to the bar for dinner and a beer. Sitting on the patio in back, I noticed that the furniture is similar to the IKEA furniture I bought a week … Read More

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How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font (via Techland)

22 Jul

How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font How many of you believed we'd live in a world where our handwriting would become a novelty? (Show of hands?) E-mail is uniform and impersonal, and a handwritten note doesn't meet today's instant gratification standard of messaging. But melding the two? Now, that's enticing. allows you to turn your handwriting into a font using your computer's webcam. Here's how it works: (M … Read More

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It’s Biblical to ‘Tweet’ (via The Random Musings of “holymansam”)

17 Jul

In Isaiah 38, king Hezekiah is being quite "emo"…but with good reason. He's about to die. You'll have to read the whole chapter for the full story, but for now, check out verses 12-14. Hezekiah is having a big moan about how the 'end is nigh'. The answer to his problems is surely found in the last 3 words… Isaiah 38:12-14 [NASB] "Like a shepherd's tent my dwelling is pulled up and removed from me; As a weaver I rolled up my life He cuts me of … Read More

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