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For Auld Lang Syne

31 Dec

We’ll take a cup of kindness yet…

And thus we come to the end of this part of our journey.  Earlier this year, I moved my blog from the domain name of the same to WordPress.  It was a time of regrouping and reflecting on just exactly what I wanted the blog to be.  So, having made that determination, or at least having developed a plan, tomorrow I’m moving back to the domain.

This site will remain as an archive.  But if you’ve reached here by mistake, and if it’s after midnight on December 31, 2010, head on over to The Write Side of My Brain.  You’ll find me there.

If you get there early, please be patient.  The official launch is 1/1/11.

Happy New Year!


Something Nano this way comes…

13 Sep

It’s September 13.

I have a month and a half before Nanowrimo 2010 begins.

“Nanowrimo” is short for “National Novel Writing Month,” a writing challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.  That’s roughly 1666 words (hmmmm…maybe that number is the problem…) per day.

I have attempted this insanity for several years.  I have successfully completed the challenge twice.  Once in 2005.  Once in 2009. 

The 2005 work has potential and is being edited.  The 2009 work was pure garbage.

But that’s sort of the point.  The challenge is to get 50,000 words on paper in 30 days, not to write and edit the next Great American Novel.  In fact, editing is forbidden.  Writers are encouraged not to go back and change or edit their work.  Just keep writing, even if it is garbage.  And really that’s the only way to be successful.

The years that I completed the challenge, I started with an outline.  I knew where the story was going. 

Not so much this year.

I have a character name, and two “must use” phrases.  In the next month and a half I must develop a plot, an outline, and create some characters with whom my main character may interact.

And I’d better get busy.  Time is running out.

How I broke the Twitter…

11 Sep

Really,  all I wanted to do was to streamline my online activity.

I got rid of Foursquare, because it was becoming annoying.  Same with Tweetdeck.  And wouldn’t post to Facebook.  So I narrowed my “needs” down to Facebook and Twitter.

And now they’re not taking to each other. 

I’ve changed all the settings.  But when I try to reset things at Twitter, I get this picture of a snarky looking owl telling me to change the cookie settings on my browser.  Of course earlier today I went to that site just fine.  Not so this afternoon.

I have to leave for work in an hour.   So this won’t get fixed today.  Still, I’m not even sure what I’ve done wrong.

About that writing thing…

24 Jul

Surfing around the Internet waiting for the magic hour of 10:00 p.m. (the 10-year-old’s bedtime), I am painfully reminded that I’ve done no writing or editing today.

I have, however, taken said 10-year-old to Tae Kwon Do, foraged for groceries, shoveled stuff around in (again) said 10-year-old’s room, done laundry and dishes and painted an “anchor” for Vacation Bible School beginning this week.

So, why do I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything today?

After 10, I’ll get in an hour of so of editing. Or at least until the dog, slightly older than 10, barks for me to come downstairs and keep him company. He can no longer climb the stairs. And he has separation anxiety. He used to just cry and then settle down. Now that he’s becoming an old man/dog, he’s getting grumpier. And louder.

Tomorrow is another day (thank you Scarlett). There will be editing and writing.

Hopefully before 10:00 p.m.

My New Blog Project

11 Jun

This morning I embarked upon my new blog project.  You can check it out:  365 Things I Believe.

The One Where We Return to Blogging

2 Jun

It’s taken me a while to get to this point.

I left my previous blog domain of the same name a couple of weeks ago. My intent was first to move that blog all over to WordPress. But there were some technical glitches.

So then I decided to create a new, personal, blog. But the best name I could come up with was “Can’t Find a Good Blog Name.”

In the end I was able to get beyond the glitches and move everything over here. A few less substantive posts didn’t make the journey over. But things are mostly here.

The reason for the move is simple. If I’m not paying for hosting, I won’t feel pressured to provide content. So this place will be here when I’m inspired to write or when I just have something to say.

The old place will be around a few more weeks. But it’s going soon.

Bearing Drift E-Zine: June Edition

18 May

Fresh and new this morning.

Check it out at Bearing Drift.

Bearing Drift Magazine, May 2010

10 Apr

Click to read the May 2010 Issue

Suite101 doesn't want me to write for them.

12 Feb turned down my writing application.

Never mind that in their early days I did write for them.

Never mind that I have 25 plus years of experience in the subject matter.

Never mind that I’ve been writing on the Internet since before had a domain name.

Never mind that they only pay based on how many people read your work.

I’m not good enough. But they can’t even tell me why.

So, to….never mind.

A retreat…

28 Apr

Sort of.

I’m taking an extended break from the blog.  Over the last few weeks I’ve realized a few things.  Most of what I post is not original material, and the “loyal” readers that I have can likely find it elsewhere.  That’s not why I began this blog in the first place.

I like expressing my opinions, political and otherwise.  But there’s little merit in merely posting lists of other articles.

Combine that with the fact that I’m trying to freelance as well as holding down a full time and another part time job.  I have family and church commitments.  I’m in school and I’ve planted a garden.

So, until I can find the time or method to make this a worthwhile project, I’m going to hold off on the blogging.

I’ll be back.