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Wait, you mean it wasn't a dream?

4 Nov
Photo H/T: Bearing Drift

Photo H/T: Bearing Drift

Blow out
Bearing Drift
The real question now, with the margin of victory as large as it is, will McDonnell have a mandate?

Contests serve as warning to Democrats: It’s not 2008 anymore
The Washington Post

On Tuesday, Virginia moved back in the direction of Republicans, a reminder that the political landscape is far more fluid than it appeared to be a year ago — and a challenge for the White House and the Democrats as they look toward 2010.

Dems, incumbents get wake-up call

Tuesday night’s trends were emphatically not in Obama’s favor. Among those paying closest attention are dozens of Democrats who won formerly Republican congressional districts in 2006 and 2008 and are up for re-election in 2010.

The Obama magic has faded
The New York Post
And — until it started looking as if they might lose — the Obama people were suggesting that these races would seal their mandate and encourage congressional wafflers to toe the line on health-care reform. Not so much, as it turns out.

Disregard The Talk Of VA Voting Against The President’s Party For Gov.
Virginia Virtucon

Do you see a pattern emerging here? When GOP candidates run on specific issues of importance to people in their every day lives, they not only win, but they win BIG.



On election eve, in case you were wondering…

2 Nov

Just a quick roundup 24 hours before the polls open. 

The Write Side endorses:

Bob McDonnell for Governor

Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor

Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General

Manoli Loupassi for House of Delegates in the 68th District

And, while we can’t vote there, a special endorsement goes out to

D.J. McGuire for Lee Hill Supervisor in Spotsylvania County.

If you’ve read here long enough, you know our reasoning.  The time is right.  The time is now.

But, whatever your inclination, don’t neglect your right, and your responsiblity to vote tomorrow.

Election 2009: Carpathia steams to rescue Titanic, but is it too late?

20 Oct

With poll, after poll, after poll showing Bob McDonnell (as well as Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli) with a commanding and potentially runaway lead, and from what we’re hearing more devasting numbers out tomorrow [Virginia Virtucon: More (REALLY) Bad Polling News Due Out Wed. For Deeds], the Deeds camp sent one final S.O.S. to the White House that had previously seemed to be turning a deaf ear to Virginia.

Sensing the potential embarrassment of losing a state that last year voted for a Democrat for the first time in 40 years, President Barack Nicolae Carpathia Obama will reportedly campaign with/for Deeds in Hampton Roads on October 27th [Bearing Drift: Sources: Obama Stumping for Deeds in Hampton Roads Oct 27th].  But as we asked is it Trick?  Or Treat?

It seems that the once unsinkable Democratic ship has hit the iceberg and is taking on water faster than Barack Obama can grow the national deficit.  Republicans hold commanding leads in all three top races and it’s looking more and more like there will be GOP gains in the House of Delegates.

It was said of the Titanic that “even God could not sink her.”  God disagreed.

And last November Virginia was declared to be a “Blue State.”

But it appears that the Democrats just don’t have enough lifeboats.


Survey USA: McDonnell 54, Deeds 43

6 Oct

Bob McDonnell 54
Creigh Deeds 43

Bill Bolling 57
Jody Wagner 40

Ken Cuccinelli 53
Steve Shannon 43

H/T News Channel 8

Ken Cuccinelli: No Justice

29 Sep

77 Public Safety Officials endorse Ken Cuccinelli

28 Sep
Actually knows the law.

Actually knows the law.

Ken Cuccinelli Endorsed for Attorney General by 77 Elected Law Enforcement Officials
Cuccinelli for Attorney General

“I am honored to announce the endorsements from 77 law enforcement officials, both Sheriff’s and Commonwealth Attorney’s, of my candidacy for Attorney General of Virginia,” Senator Cuccinelli said. “These individuals, all of whom have the trust of their communities, and many of whom are politically independent, are supporting me because they know that as Attorney General I will advance tough strategies for fighting gangs, drugs, and other crime.” He continued, “I am humbled by such widespread support among Virginia’s Sheriffs and Commonwealth Attorneys, in addition to the Fraternal Order of Police, which itself represents more than 8000 law enforcement officers and is the largest law enforcement organization in the Commonwealth.”

See also: 

Bearing Drift:  Cuccinelli endorsed by 77 public safety officials

Shannon attacks. Misfires again.

3 Sep

Delegate Steve Shannon, Democratic candidate for Attorney General, has a new radio attack ad out against Ken Cuccinelli running mostly in the Norfolk market.  Shannon criticizes Cuccinelli for being the only statewide candidate not to call for the resignation of Delegate Phil Hamilton.

Vivian Page has the story:  Shannon releases ad, knocks Cuccinelli on Hamilton

But see, here’s the thing that Shannon doesn’t seem to understand.  If this goes before the ethics committee, there’s a good chance that the next Attorney General would have to review the case.

In the increasingly remote chance that Shannon is that Attorney General, he’d have to recuse himself from the case since he’s essentially already “ruled” on the case.

From the Code of Virginia: § 30-116. Disposition of cases.

If the [House Ethics Advisory] Panel determines that there is a reasonable basis to conclude that the legislator knowingly violated any provision of Article 2 (§ 30-102 et seq.), 3 (§ 30-104 et seq.), 4 (§ 30-107 et seq.) or 5 (§ 30-109 et seq.) of this chapter, except § 30-108 or subsection C of § 30-110, it shall refer the matter by a written report setting forth its findings and the reasons therefor to the Attorney General for such action he deems appropriate. The Panel shall also file its report with the Clerk of the appropriate house, who shall refer the report in accordance with the rules of his house. In the event the Attorney General determines not to prosecute the alleged violation, he shall notify the Clerk of the appropriate house of his determination and the Clerk shall send the report to the Committee on Privileges and Elections. The matter shall thereafter be handled in accordance with the provisions of subdivision 2.


Just last month Ken Cuccinelli called for a special session to deal with the U.S. Supreme Court decision that would force prosecutors to suspend drug and drunken-driving prosecutions. Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 11, 2009

From the RTDThe campaign of Del. Stephen C. Shannon of Fairfax County, Cuccinelli’s Democratic opponent, described the request as “a [public-relations] stunt that would cost taxpayers money.”

Governor Kaine agreed with Senator Cuccinelli and called the special session.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Not unlike a certain Attorney General campaign.

See also: 

Bearing Drift: Steve Shannon Goes On The Offensive, Recuses Himself From Hamilton Investigation

With the GOP still out front, Cuccinelli leads the way

2 Sep

Public Policy Institute: Virginia race narrows some

McDonnell 49
Deeds 42

Bolling 46
Wagner 40

Cuccinelli 48
Shannon 35

The right-wing liberal notes: Still, I would humbly submit the real story of the poll is Cuccinelli. He was the top Republican with Obama voters (the only one in double digits), Kaine voters, liberals, women, Democrats, and African-Americans.

Human Events: Cuccinelli rounds out a strong GOP lineup

13 Aug

Cuccinelli’s AG Bid Solidifies Virginia Conservatives
Seth Mclaughlin, Human Events

Supporters say his success comes from his unapologetic refusal to buck conservative tenets. For example, in 2007, when Democrats said he is too extreme because of his support for gun-rights and opposition to taxes, abortion and gay marriage, he embraced it. But other Republicans ran the other way and lost, leaving Cuccinelli as the GOP’s last remaining state Senator from the region.

Read more.

Survey Says…

29 Jul

McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli, a Unified Republican Ticket for Virginia.

McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli, a Unified Republican Ticket for Virginia.

Republicans by double digits!

A SurveyUSA poll shows that Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli currently hold double digit leads over their Democratic counter points.

News7 Poll: Republicans leading in all statewide races
Republicans are set to sweep November’s statewide election. That’s according to an exclusive News7 poll.

Already the leftosphere is sailing down the River Denial. But Bob Holsworth isn’t buying their spin:

WAKE-UP CALL: Entire GOP Ticket Up By Double Digits in Survey USA Poll
Bob Holsworth at VirginiaTomorrow
And, finally, maybe the Democrats will recognize that it is not very gubernatorial to offer a transportation “plan” without details because you do not want step on the prerogatives of the legislature.

Read more

The snarkiness continues noting that a SurveyUSA poll showed John McCain winning Virginia last year. But this isn’t 2008, and Bob McDonnell isn’t John McCain.

Consider also:

At this point in the last gubernatorial race following a Democratic takeover of the White House Mary Sue Terry was leading George Allen by some 30 pts. (1993)

In spite of their Guaranteed Tax Increase, no one on the Democratic ticket is as charismatic as Barack Obama.

There’s no novelty. There’s no media fawning over the election of the “First (self-described) moderate rural Virginia Democrat.”

First time voters inspired by the (empty) message of “Hope and Change” won’t return to the polls with the same enthusiasm this fall.

Finally with Hopey Changleton’s ratings descending faster than a Kings Dominion waterslide, and Tim Kaine under more and more scrutiny for his DNC travels there’s just no ray of sunshine in this poll for the Democrats.

But try as they might, they’ll attempt to explain away this poll.

Sorry, that blue dog won’t spin.