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Wait, you mean it wasn't a dream?

4 Nov
Photo H/T: Bearing Drift

Photo H/T: Bearing Drift

Blow out
Bearing Drift
The real question now, with the margin of victory as large as it is, will McDonnell have a mandate?

Contests serve as warning to Democrats: It’s not 2008 anymore
The Washington Post

On Tuesday, Virginia moved back in the direction of Republicans, a reminder that the political landscape is far more fluid than it appeared to be a year ago — and a challenge for the White House and the Democrats as they look toward 2010.

Dems, incumbents get wake-up call

Tuesday night’s trends were emphatically not in Obama’s favor. Among those paying closest attention are dozens of Democrats who won formerly Republican congressional districts in 2006 and 2008 and are up for re-election in 2010.

The Obama magic has faded
The New York Post
And — until it started looking as if they might lose — the Obama people were suggesting that these races would seal their mandate and encourage congressional wafflers to toe the line on health-care reform. Not so much, as it turns out.

Disregard The Talk Of VA Voting Against The President’s Party For Gov.
Virginia Virtucon

Do you see a pattern emerging here? When GOP candidates run on specific issues of importance to people in their every day lives, they not only win, but they win BIG.



But will Brandon be my friend again on Facebook?

21 Oct
H/T to Riley for the bumper sticker.

H/T to Riley for the bumper sticker.

Back when the Faux Republicans endorsed Creigh Deeds, we called them out on it:  Show me the Republicans!!!

We couldn’t find a single Republican on the list.

Former State Senator Brandon Bell posted on his Facebook account that he’d be offering an explanation for his endorsement of Deeds.  I challenged him that it was because Bob McDonnell declined to endorse him in his primary.  Which he lost.

Bell promptly “unfriended” me on Facebook.

And now, via Virginia Virtucon we learn that Bell has changed his mind:  New voting category: Deeds Republicans for McDonnell

Seems that even the Faux Republicans can see the handwriting on the wall. 

Welcome back, Brandon.

Election 2009: Carpathia steams to rescue Titanic, but is it too late?

20 Oct

With poll, after poll, after poll showing Bob McDonnell (as well as Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli) with a commanding and potentially runaway lead, and from what we’re hearing more devasting numbers out tomorrow [Virginia Virtucon: More (REALLY) Bad Polling News Due Out Wed. For Deeds], the Deeds camp sent one final S.O.S. to the White House that had previously seemed to be turning a deaf ear to Virginia.

Sensing the potential embarrassment of losing a state that last year voted for a Democrat for the first time in 40 years, President Barack Nicolae Carpathia Obama will reportedly campaign with/for Deeds in Hampton Roads on October 27th [Bearing Drift: Sources: Obama Stumping for Deeds in Hampton Roads Oct 27th].  But as we asked is it Trick?  Or Treat?

It seems that the once unsinkable Democratic ship has hit the iceberg and is taking on water faster than Barack Obama can grow the national deficit.  Republicans hold commanding leads in all three top races and it’s looking more and more like there will be GOP gains in the House of Delegates.

It was said of the Titanic that “even God could not sink her.”  God disagreed.

And last November Virginia was declared to be a “Blue State.”

But it appears that the Democrats just don’t have enough lifeboats.


Trick? Or Treat? Obama to campaign for Deeds right before Halloween

16 Oct

deedsobamahugAnnounced on a Friday…when you typically release the news you want buried in the weekend cycle.

From a press release:


ALEXANDRIA – President Barack Obama will campaign with Democratic nominee for governor Creigh Deeds on Tuesday, October 27th. Further details will be announced in the coming days.

H/T Tertium Quids

What? Because he hasn't sewn up the moonbat vote?

14 Oct

notevilWhat’s Al Gore’s carbon footprint for coming to Virginia to raise money for Creigh Deeds?

Gore coming to Va. for Deeds
The visit will provide positive publicity for Deeds in the days before the Nov. 3 election, when Deeds will face Bob McDonnell, the Republican nominee.

“Positive publicity?”  Is the Deeds campaign writing articles for Politico now?

Or, as Bearing Drift notes:  Gore, who’s Mr. Cap-and-Trade, will come to Virginia reminding all of us about the inconvenient truth of how many jobs will be lost and how much energy prices will sky-rocket if the National Energy Tax is actually passed. 

Look, my view is that taking care of the environment is a conservative issue.  It’s the wise use of our natural resources.  But the fact is, Al Gore is a snake oil salesman. 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of reputable scientists have refuted the claims made by Gore and others regarding “Global Warming” or “Climate Change.”  But you won’t hear that in the mainstream media.

That’s why you need to see:  Not Evil Just Wrong

And you’ll see why a British Court ruled that Al Gore’s Film, “An Incovenient Truth” could not be shown in British schools unless guidelines were given to balance Gore’s attempt at political indoctrination.  The ruling was based on The Nine Lies of Al Gore.

But with the White House all but ignoring the Deeds’ campaign, I guess they had to go with the B list.

Oh and by the way, Friday’s weather for McLean calls for rain and temperatures in the 40s.

Deeds' Camp: Deck Chairs. Rearrange. You know the drill.

13 Oct

deckchairsSo says Lowell:

In other news; according to what Kyle’s hearing, almost all the negative stuff – TV/radio ads, call/walk scripts, and literature – is being pulled by the Deeds campaign (I’ll believe it when I see it). Supposedly, it’s being replaced by ads similar to what we saw at the end of the Democratic primary last spring, including ones that tell us who Creigh Deeds is (the slogan “letting Creigh be Creigh” reportedly is being bandied about). Let’s hope.

We’ll see.  Desperate times call for Desperate Deeds.

It's All in the Family

28 Sep
"All in the Family" premiered on January 12, 1971, when Linwood Holton was Governor.

"All in the Family" premiered on January 12, 1971, when Linwood Holton was Governor.

The first Father-in-Law endorses the Democrat…again…

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting that tomorrow former Governor, former Republican, and current Father-in-Law of the current Governor will endorse Democrat Creigh Deeds. [Jindal boosts McDonnell; Linwood Holton backs Deeds]

I’m not psychic, but I could’ve told you that months ago.  Who can tell me the last time Linwood Holton endorsed the Republican for Governor?

Even though they both came from the same region in Southwest Virginia, endorsing Jerry Kilgore in 2005 would’ve severely limited the invitations to Thanksgiving Dinner at the Executive Mansion.

Holton also endorsed Mark Warner over Mark Earley in 2001.  That’s the year Holton’s son-in-law was elected Lt. Governor.  You get the picture.

So sorry, we’re neither surprised nor impressed that Holton is throwing the “weight of his endorsement” behind Creigh Deeds.  Holton’s been touted for bringing the rural Virginia vote to Mark Warner.  But we thought Deeds that that all locked up.

The RTD refers to Holton as a “centrist Republican.”  Linwood Holton hasn’t been a Republican since I was in puberty.  And if I hadn’t cancelled my membership over their support of Obamacare, I’d swear to that on my AARP card.

See also:

Virginia Virtucon:  NEWS FLASH!!! Gov. Timmy!’s Father-In-Law To Endorse Deeds

Doug Wilder just says "No"

24 Sep

dwilder1To Creigh Deeds that is…

After days of speculation, fueled by none other than former Governor and former Richmond Mayor Doug Wilder himself, Wilder announced today that he would not, we repeat, would not, endorse fellow Democrat Creigh Deeds for the office of Governor.

This came after some heavy duty pressure from Deeds, from Governor/DNC Chair Tim Kaine and from the President himself.  In the end, however, Wilder said he just couldn’t do it.

The requests, made of me, have been to endorse Mr. Deeds,  the Democratic Candidate, for Governor.  I refrain from doing so and will leave that choice to the voters. 
L. Douglas Wilder: Statement on the 2009 Governor’s Race
Virginia Tomorrow

Sure, the Deeds camp and the Democrats will try to spin this as insigificant.  But if it’s so unimportant, why all the high pressure lobbying to get Wilder’s endorsement?  Hmmmm…???

As The right-wing liberal says: Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded
In explaining his reasons for his first neutral stance in 12 years (Wilder has never endorsed a Republican for statewide office), he pointedly blew a gaping hole in the elite conventional wisdom about the need for “new revenue.”

And some Democrats are already throwing in the towel.

H/T Virginia Virtucon: NLS Concedes On Behalf Of Deeds

H/T Virginia Virtucon: NLS Concedes On Behalf Of Deeds

Former DPVA Chair Paul Goldman says: Having helped convince Doug Wilder to back Mark Warner and then, after what seemed an eternity of talk, Tim Kaine, I find the reasoning of his statement to be of particular trouble for Creigh Deeds, far more than the non-endorsement. Not since Harry Byrd employed his legendary Golden Silence has a public non-endorsement potentially been so important. [H/T Bearing Drift]

See also:

SWAC Girl: No endorsement for Deeds from Wilder

Bearing Drift:  Wilder slams Deeds

Will John Chichester bring the potato salad?

23 Sep

Candidate Creigh Deeds revealed his transportation plan in The Washington Post today.  In short he wants a “Bipartisan Commission” to study transportation.   One he’ll appoint after he’s elected, no doubt naming the “Republicans” who endorsed him. Sort of a Potts-luck dinner.  At best, that means another year with no transportation plan. 

You can read the plan here. [H/T Cathouse Chat]

RPV responded with the following release:


Deeds Uses 800 Words to Say “No Plan, Higher Taxes”

WaPo Op-Ed Repeats RPV Message on Deeds’ Roads Plan, Uses More Words

 YouTube Video of Deeds’ Epic Press Conference in Fairfax Now Over 45,000 Views

RICHMOND – Democratic candidate for governor Creigh Deeds today used nearly 800 words in a Washington Post opinion piece to deliver a message that could have been boiled down to just ten: “I have no transportation plan, but I will raise taxes.”  In what can only be described as an application for a job in the Republican Party of Virginia press shop, Deeds echoed the very sentiment the party and its associated campaigns have been expressing for months.

Deeds: Just Wait and See …

The day after I’m elected, I will begin assembling a bipartisan commission to craft a comprehensive transportation package,” Deeds incredibly wrote in the Post, blatantly telling the people of Virginia that they will have to blindly trust that he will concoct a transportation platform following the election.

Deeds: Higher Taxes Coming …

Moreover, he again made plain his desire to locate the funding for his yet-to-be-discovered transportation proposal inside the pocketbooks of Virginia residents.  Expressing fondness for fabled tax increases of the past, Deeds wrote.  “As a legislator, I have voted for a number of mechanisms to fund transportation, including a gas tax. And I’ll sign a bipartisan bill with a dedicated funding mechanism for transportation — even if it includes new taxes.”

Recalls Disastrous Press Conference

Deeds’ opinion piece repeated the same ideas he attempted to convey during his now-infamous press gaggle following the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce debate on September 17th.  In that exchange, Deeds struggled to conceal his plans to raise taxes, but was finally forced to admit that higher taxes are his priority.  A video of the exchange between a befuddled Deeds and a perplexed, frustrated press corps has been watched over 45,000 times on YouTube in less than one week.  (Click here to join the fun and watch.)

            “I think it’s very kind of Creigh to help us advance the message that he has no transportation plan, but a very clear idea to raise taxes to pay for whatever it would end up being,” said Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins.  “If he wants a job in our communications department, however, he’s going to have to be more efficient in his writing.  You really don’t need 800 words to say what you should be able to say in ten or less.”

deedsleadershipWhat are others saying?

Creigh Deeds Plans To Have A Transportation Plan After He’s Elected
J’s Notes

From a campaign that touts “Deeds not words” they really aren’t delivering much of either.

Creigh-Card Monty
The right-wing liberal

Now Deeds, who did nothing to stop his would-be predecessors from balancing the budget on the backs of drivers and redirecting money from roads to Obamacare-writ-small – yet still wants to run as the heir to their “legacy” – refuses to own up to what happened, and is now pretending that restoring the funding-priority balance in Richmond is “taking money from education and other obligations.”

Deeds Takes the Baliles Route to Higher Taxes
Tertium Quids

This is not so much a plan as it is a rerun. Some reruns are great (old Simpsons episodes are among my favorites). But reruns such as Mr. Deeds proposes would do little more than pour additional (and scarce) taxpayer dollars into a system that no longer works.

Virginia, Meet Your Mondale
CQ Politics

I just read his suicidal op-ed in this morning’s Washington Post, in which, Walter Mondale-like, he acknowledges his desire to raise taxes. That kind of bold play may once have worked in deep blue states where liberal electorates prefer their liberal candidates to campaign on who’s going to raise taxes higher … but in a reddish-bluish-lavender state in play?

NV: “Deeds, teller of tall tales”

Creigh Deeds and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

17 Sep

Yeah, we know about the Rasmussen poll, J.R. has a pretty good take on it over at Bearing Drift: New Rasmussen poll shows silver lining, but offers a significant warning

But. c’mon lets talk about the debate:


Audience finds Deeds Debate performance painful:

Deeds, trailing in recent polls, was the more combative of the two. He hit McDonnell several times on the thesis, once drawing groans from an audience of about 500 northern Virginia business leaders.
AP via NVDaily.com

We suspect that it was this post debate interview that the candidate himself found painful.

That seems to be a very Kerryesque admission of “I’m not going to raise taxes, except when I raise taxes.”

But Shaun Kenney thinks we need to take a closer look at the interview:

“I made myself clear, Young Lady!”
Though Deeds tried his best to deflect quesitons as to whether he would raise taxes, reporters continued to pressure him. Deeds was clearly uncomfortable during the Q & A session. As Deeds finally started to lose his cool after a few minutes, it was Free Lance-Star reporter Chelyen Davis who very nearly drew Deeds anger out. You can draw your own conclusions.

Virginia Virtucon: Creigh Deeds Loses His Cool, Turns Into Patronizing Sexist

Virginia Virtucon: Buzzword Leightweight
Deeds Talks Transportation At Fairfax Debate

Finally we turn to The Contemporary Conservative for The Question of the Evening

In the event that Bob McDonnell is elected Governor of Virginia, will the Washington Post give a concession speech?