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Wait, you mean it wasn't a dream?

4 Nov
Photo H/T: Bearing Drift

Photo H/T: Bearing Drift

Blow out
Bearing Drift
The real question now, with the margin of victory as large as it is, will McDonnell have a mandate?

Contests serve as warning to Democrats: It’s not 2008 anymore
The Washington Post

On Tuesday, Virginia moved back in the direction of Republicans, a reminder that the political landscape is far more fluid than it appeared to be a year ago — and a challenge for the White House and the Democrats as they look toward 2010.

Dems, incumbents get wake-up call

Tuesday night’s trends were emphatically not in Obama’s favor. Among those paying closest attention are dozens of Democrats who won formerly Republican congressional districts in 2006 and 2008 and are up for re-election in 2010.

The Obama magic has faded
The New York Post
And — until it started looking as if they might lose — the Obama people were suggesting that these races would seal their mandate and encourage congressional wafflers to toe the line on health-care reform. Not so much, as it turns out.

Disregard The Talk Of VA Voting Against The President’s Party For Gov.
Virginia Virtucon

Do you see a pattern emerging here? When GOP candidates run on specific issues of importance to people in their every day lives, they not only win, but they win BIG.



On election eve, in case you were wondering…

2 Nov

Just a quick roundup 24 hours before the polls open. 

The Write Side endorses:

Bob McDonnell for Governor

Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor

Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General

Manoli Loupassi for House of Delegates in the 68th District

And, while we can’t vote there, a special endorsement goes out to

D.J. McGuire for Lee Hill Supervisor in Spotsylvania County.

If you’ve read here long enough, you know our reasoning.  The time is right.  The time is now.

But, whatever your inclination, don’t neglect your right, and your responsiblity to vote tomorrow.

Election 2009: Carpathia steams to rescue Titanic, but is it too late?

20 Oct

With poll, after poll, after poll showing Bob McDonnell (as well as Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli) with a commanding and potentially runaway lead, and from what we’re hearing more devasting numbers out tomorrow [Virginia Virtucon: More (REALLY) Bad Polling News Due Out Wed. For Deeds], the Deeds camp sent one final S.O.S. to the White House that had previously seemed to be turning a deaf ear to Virginia.

Sensing the potential embarrassment of losing a state that last year voted for a Democrat for the first time in 40 years, President Barack Nicolae Carpathia Obama will reportedly campaign with/for Deeds in Hampton Roads on October 27th [Bearing Drift: Sources: Obama Stumping for Deeds in Hampton Roads Oct 27th].  But as we asked is it Trick?  Or Treat?

It seems that the once unsinkable Democratic ship has hit the iceberg and is taking on water faster than Barack Obama can grow the national deficit.  Republicans hold commanding leads in all three top races and it’s looking more and more like there will be GOP gains in the House of Delegates.

It was said of the Titanic that “even God could not sink her.”  God disagreed.

And last November Virginia was declared to be a “Blue State.”

But it appears that the Democrats just don’t have enough lifeboats.


Survey USA: McDonnell 54, Deeds 43

6 Oct

Bob McDonnell 54
Creigh Deeds 43

Bill Bolling 57
Jody Wagner 40

Ken Cuccinelli 53
Steve Shannon 43

H/T News Channel 8

Bill Bolling: Plan

29 Sep

With the GOP still out front, Cuccinelli leads the way

2 Sep

Public Policy Institute: Virginia race narrows some

McDonnell 49
Deeds 42

Bolling 46
Wagner 40

Cuccinelli 48
Shannon 35

The right-wing liberal notes: Still, I would humbly submit the real story of the poll is Cuccinelli. He was the top Republican with Obama voters (the only one in double digits), Kaine voters, liberals, women, Democrats, and African-Americans.

McDonnell/Bolling: Almost Half a Billion Dollars More Per Year for Virginia Teachers and Students

1 Sep

McDonnell/Bolling: Almost Half a Billion Dollars More Per Year for Virginia Teachers and Students

“Education Funding: In the Classroom, Where it Counts”

More Money into Classroom, Less into Bureaucracy Dramatically Increases Education Dollars without Tax Increase

-Prioritization of Education Dollars Will Increase Teacher Salaries-

ALEXANDRIA – Bob McDonnell, Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Attorney General of Virginia, and Bill Bolling, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, announced today a bold education proposal that will dramatically increase money for Virginia’s teachers and students by $480 million a year, without a tax increase. The two announced their “Education Funding: In the Classroom, Where it Counts” plan at an early afternoon news conference at T.C Williams High School in Alexandria.

The McDonnell/Bolling plan focuses on putting more education dollars directly into the classroom. Currently, only 61% of Virginia education dollars go to the classroom. By shifting money from the central office and administration and increasing the percentage of funding that goes directly to the classroom by an average of 4%, the McDonnell/Bolling administration will direct an additional $480 million each year to Virginia’s teachers and students. Several cities and counties across
the Commonwealth have already achieved the 65% goal, to the benefit of the students and teachers in those localities. The McDonnell/Bolling plan will take this commitment statewide.

Speaking about today’s historic announcement, Bob McDonnell noted, ”Our children will get the best education by having the best teachers, best textbooks and best technology, not excessive administration and bureaucracy. We need to put education funding in the classroom, where it counts. With $480 million more dollars directed to Virginia’s classrooms we will be able to increase pay for the best teachers and ensure that teacher salaries are equal to or better than our neighboring states. We must focus on putting as much money as possible in the classroom to give our children the knowledge and skills they need to compete for the high-quality jobs they deserve. We are committed to making sure that our teachers across the Commonwealth have the resources they need to teach our children. Children learn in the classroom, not the central office. That’s where we must invest our education dollars. This is a bold proposal that will benefit Virginia’s teachers, students and parents.”

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling remarked, “One of the most important challenges currently facing Virginia is the need to improve the educational opportunities we are providing to our children. In order to do this, we must continue making an increasing financial investment in our public schools, but we must also learn to spend our educational dollars more wisely. By increasing classroom spending by 4% over the next four years we can redirect $480 million a year in existing education funding to the classroom, where it can help boost teacher pay, reduce class sizes and improve textbooks and technology. This will help improve the educational opportunities we provide to our children, and now is the time to make this important and common sense investment.”

Patrick Salyer, a member of the Virginia Beach School Board had this to say about the McDonnell/Bolling initiative; “It is absolutely vital that we channel more of our public education dollar into the classroom. That is where our money does the most good. I believe that Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling have the right plan to get more of taxpayers education dollars into the classroom, where it counts.”

Fairfax resident and mother of four, Teri Christoph shared her excitement about the McDonnell/Bolling plan, “As the mother of three young children currently attending public school in Virginia, I am thrilled to hear of Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling’s plan to put more resources into the classroom and into recruiting top-notch teachers. A good, well-supported teacher translates into improved classroom performance, so providing them with the means to teach effectively is crucial. Bob and Bill’s simple, yet significant, “65% solution” would give our educators access to the tools they need for a successful classroom, and I foresee it having a particularly beneficial impact on our special needs and immigrant populations. I can think of no better way for our tax dollars to be spent!”

Both Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling believe that a well-educated
workforce is the key to successful job creation. Every child in the Commonwealth must have an opportunity to be well-educated and prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow. The McDonnell/Bolling administration will work closely with the Secretary of Education, School Board members, administrators, teachers and education policy leaders to ensure that we maximize the use of money and resources in the classroom for our teachers to use and our children to benefit from.

Part Four of Education Reform Plan

“Education Funding: In the Classroom, Where it Counts”
Almost Half a Billion Dollars More Per Year for Virginia Teachers and Students

The cornerstone of the McDonnell/Bolling Administration will be an all out effort to create new jobs and greater opportunities for all Virginians. A well-educated workforce is the key to successful job creation. Every child in the Commonwealth must have an opportunity to be well educated and prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

The Virginia Standards of Quality (SOQ) serve as basic standards of minimum quality education in Virginia. As Governor, Bob McDonnell will fully fund the Standards of Quality in each budget; however, fully funding the Standards of Quality alone will only get us part way to having the best educational system in the nation.

One of the top priorities for a McDonnell/Bolling administration will be ensuring that more money is spent in the one place it does the most good: the classroom. When examining education funding, it is not just a question of total funding, but also whether the most money possible is going into the classroom for our children and teachers, rather than inflated bureaucratic budgets.

Our children will get the best education by having the best teachers, best textbooks and best technology, not excessive administration and bureaucracy. Students learn in the classroom, not in the central office. We need to focus as much of our money as possible in the classroom to give our children the knowledge and skills they need to compete for the high-quality jobs of the future. Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling will ensure not only that our teachers are paid at the national average, but also that our best teachers are some of the best paid in the nation.

4% Average Increase in Education Funding in the Classroom

The McDonnell/Bolling administration is committed to prioritizing education funding and ensuring that more taxpayer dollars are spent in the classroom on teachers, students, classroom materials, technology, and innovative programs. Throughout the administration, we will transition more money from the central office and administration, into the classroom. The McDonnell/Bolling Administration will increase the state average for spending in the classroom by 4% over the course of their administration.

Examining classroom spending in Virginia based on the federal
“instruction” expenses definition, we are spending a statewide average of 61% of education funding in the classroom for instructional use, according to the latest spending numbers (FY 2007). Instructional spending is the total current operation expenditure for activities dealing with the interaction of teachers and students in the classroom, home or hospital, teacher salaries, textbooks, equipment, as well as co-curricular activities. It also includes amounts for activities of teachers and instructional aides or assistants engaged in regular instruction, special education, and vocational education programs.

Out of every dollar we put to education, only 61 cents is going
directly to the classroom for our children and teachers. This is
unacceptable and it will change under the McDonnell/Bolling

By raising the average for classroom spending by 4%, we will put
roughly $480 million more dollars in the classroom annually when fully implemented.

This will mean real money to recruit and retain the best and brightest teachers, which is critical to a great education for our children. With $480 million more dollars in the classroom, we will be able to increase pay for the best teachers, and ensure that teacher salaries are equal to or better than our neighboring states. It will mean real money for our children to have updated textbooks, new technology, and supplies in their classroom. Teachers should not have to pay for basic supplies out of their own pocket. It will put the focus back on the classroom, and require real streamlining of the administrative

Increasing the statewide average by 4% will ensure 65% of taxpayer dollars are spent in the classroom. This is an objective that is realistic and critical to the future success of our public education system. In fact, several cities and counties – large and small – have already met the challenge. According to the latest Federal F33 forms, for FY 07 (2006-2007 school year) Hanover County, Bristol City, Shenandoah County, Fluvanna County, Colonial Beach, Smyth County, Norton City, Greene County, Augusta County, Colonial Heights City, Fauquier County, Amherst County, Page County, Roanoke County, Harrisonburg City, and Highland County all spent more than 65% of education funding in the classroom on instructional items.

In coordination with the Secretary of Education, School Board members, administrators, teachers and public education policy leaders, we will evaluate ways to incentivize localities to increase their classroom spending to a minimum of 65% – an increase in the statewide average of 4%. Each locality will have the flexibility on how to increase the amount of money spent directly in the classroom.

To ensure that the legislature, our state Department of Education, and individual school districts have the most useful and accurate information about best practices and the effectiveness of programs, the McDonnell/Bolling administration will partner with the Curry School of Education at UVa to provide analysis and evaluation of education spending utilizing consistent and accepted performance metrics. This Virginia Center for Education Policy will leverage existing and new resources to provide capacity for policy analysis in education and human capital development from preschool through higher education. This is critical to understanding how to best spend dollars in the classroom and provide accountability to taxpayers who are paying for our public education system.

Unfortunately, there are many examples of questionable spending. Take these examples from localities across the Commonwealth:

  • $1.1 million per year on cell phones and pagers
  • Increased employees “fringe benefits” by $915,000, while cutting funding for equipment, material and supplies by $900,000
  • Superintendent salary of more than $225,000 and an additional $14,000 a year for a car (a district with just four schools)
  • $450,000 for travel, $332,000 for office supplies, and $190,000 on Dues & Association Memberships.
  • Inflated budgets are not just at the local level. While student enrollment has increased only 7.9% from 2000 through 2008, the budget of the “Department of Education, Central Office Operations” has grown from $75,546,367 to $120,313,176, a 59% increase.

Increasing money in the classroom is common-sense for teachers, parents and students alike, but it also affects student performance. Using the Virginia Department of Education’s Data definition of Instructional Spending, the school performance in localities that spend 65% in the classroom is higher.

  • 15 of the top 20 school districts with the highest total average on the English/Science/Math Proficiency federal benchmarks were school districts who spent at least 65% in the classroom.
  • 17 of the top 20 school districts with the highest average on the English Proficiency federal benchmarks were in school districts that spent at least 65% in the classroom.
  • 13 of the top 20 school districts with the highest average on the Math Proficiency federal benchmarks were in school districts that spent at least 65% in the classroom.
  • 18 of the top 20 school districts with the highest average on the Science Proficiency federal benchmarks were in school districts that spent at least 65% in the classroom.


Happy Birthday Jody Wagner

6 Aug

Over at Bearing Drift, J.R. has the perfect give suggestion: Send Jody Wagner a Birthday Present!

Survey Says…

29 Jul

McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli, a Unified Republican Ticket for Virginia.

McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli, a Unified Republican Ticket for Virginia.

Republicans by double digits!

A SurveyUSA poll shows that Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli currently hold double digit leads over their Democratic counter points.

News7 Poll: Republicans leading in all statewide races
Republicans are set to sweep November’s statewide election. That’s according to an exclusive News7 poll.

Already the leftosphere is sailing down the River Denial. But Bob Holsworth isn’t buying their spin:

WAKE-UP CALL: Entire GOP Ticket Up By Double Digits in Survey USA Poll
Bob Holsworth at VirginiaTomorrow
And, finally, maybe the Democrats will recognize that it is not very gubernatorial to offer a transportation “plan” without details because you do not want step on the prerogatives of the legislature.

Read more

The snarkiness continues noting that a SurveyUSA poll showed John McCain winning Virginia last year. But this isn’t 2008, and Bob McDonnell isn’t John McCain.

Consider also:

At this point in the last gubernatorial race following a Democratic takeover of the White House Mary Sue Terry was leading George Allen by some 30 pts. (1993)

In spite of their Guaranteed Tax Increase, no one on the Democratic ticket is as charismatic as Barack Obama.

There’s no novelty. There’s no media fawning over the election of the “First (self-described) moderate rural Virginia Democrat.”

First time voters inspired by the (empty) message of “Hope and Change” won’t return to the polls with the same enthusiasm this fall.

Finally with Hopey Changleton’s ratings descending faster than a Kings Dominion waterslide, and Tim Kaine under more and more scrutiny for his DNC travels there’s just no ray of sunshine in this poll for the Democrats.

But try as they might, they’ll attempt to explain away this poll.

Sorry, that blue dog won’t spin.

Friday Campaign Roundup

24 Jul

It’s been a busy week on the Virginia campaign trail..

On Monday:  Sheila Johnson endorses Bob McDonnell

On Wednesday:  Governor Kaine recognizes a leader in Ken Cuccinelli

Also on Wednesday, the Deeds campaign released the “Faux Republicans for Deeds list”  Show me the Republicans!!!

Ensuing snarkage on Facebook got me “unfriended” by Brandon Bell. 

He said: Brandon Bell is not going to be able to get up a note today on my Governor choice. To much work reviewing technical data on today’s market move. Maybe next week.

I said: How long does it take to tell us that it’s because McDonnell didn’t endorse you when you got your fanny shellacked in the primary?

A bit too much?  Probably.  A bit too snarky?  Probably.

Did it strike a nerve? 

Yeah, you betcha!


Crystal Clear Conservative: Flawed Logic from Jody in Wonderland
Obviously, Wagner loves a plan with more taxes, especially since this might be the primary basis of her plan. When Wagner was Secretary of Finance, she supported EVERY one of Kaine’s tax hikes…
Read more.

McDonnell’s Independents vs. Deeds’ “Republicans”
The right-wing liberal

So to recap, more Republicans ran against Bob McDonnell supporters in 2007 than ran as future Deeds supporters that year. Keep that in mind the next time the Dems try to hype up their cross-party support.
Read more.

It’s finally Friday…

Another Doug Wilder story, and more confusion
The right-wing liberal

Again, as I posted earlier, Wilder’s actions over the last 20 years are quite consistent. As one of the few remaining Democrats who respect the taxpayer, he has always been skittish about his party’s leftward lunge on economic issues. Those of us who remember his years as Governor will always be grateful for that.
Read more.

Wilder says “No”
Tertium Quids

This really is “Doug being Doug,” but because he still retains quite a high profile, it ought to be troubling to the Deeds campaign.
Read more.

SWAC Girl has the details on: Gubernatorial debate Saturday at the Homestead
Political eyes will turn toward western Virginia this weekend as the gubernatorial candidates meet for the annual Virginia Bar Association debate at the Homestead in Hot Springs.
Read more.

Also at SWAC Girl: VirginiaTalks.com to air gubernatorial debate

Bearing Drift: VPOD 69: Del. Glenn Oder and Shaun Kenney discuss transportation and politics