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God Bless the USA

27 Oct

Lee Greenwood, Born on this Day in 1942.


Let Freedom Ring

5 Jul

John Adams – Declaration of Independence

4 Jul

Bearing Drift: Give me liberty, or give me a good deal on a Mixmaster

15 Dec

Okay, not quite.

But over at Bearing Drift, J.R. has an excellent post about a family visit to Williamsburg and the beginnings of our country.

Yes, as one commenter notes, many things are much better than they used to be. But what J.R. laments is the loss of the ideals, the beliefs that formed this country. It was those beliefs that gave this country the ability to make life better, or all her citizens.

Yes, the inhabitants of Williamsburg had much to learn. But unlike our country today, they were on the right track.

Bearing Drift: Christmas in Williamsburg