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Tell Senators Webb and Warner NO to Cap and Trade

8 Jul

The Richmond Tea Party, in conjunction with patriot groups in the metropolitan area, will protest “Cap and Tax” and “ObamaCare” at local offices of our Senators:

When:  Friday, July 17th at HIGH NOON
Where:  Offices of Mark Warner and Jim Webb

Senator Mark Warner
5309 Commonwealth Centre Parkway
Suite 401
Midlothian, VA 23112
Senator Jim Webb
507 East Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23219


Who scares Mark Warner? [reference update]

6 Oct

Let hiim tell you in his own words.

UPDATE: Mark Warner made these remarks to the National Jewish Democratic Council on May 24, 1994 in an attack on GOP Senate candidate Oliver North. Mark Earley called him on it. Mark Warner denited it.

Warner was chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia at the time.

Well, Jim Gilmore didn't need this

19 Sep

Let’s face it, I’m supporting Jim Gilmore more because I don’t want Mark Warner as my Senator, and because of Warner’s revisionist budget history than any other reason.

But Gilmore doesn’t need people like this around.

Gilmore Suspends His Communications Director
Virginia Politics, The Washington Post

Republican Senate candidate James S. Gilmore III suspended his communications director, Ana Gamonal, for two weeks without pay because she allegedly sent a misleading email to Democratic candidate Mark R. Warner’s campaign.

And now, he doesn’t have her around.

I could have spared them all some grief. Send a constituent, non-political, email to Governor Kaine’s office.

You’ll get on all (or most of, anyway) the Democratic lists.

P.S. Mr. Gilmore, put her salary into whatever ad buy it will get you.

Mark Warner breaks another promise…

13 Sep

…and decides to debate after all.

After turning down an inviation from the League of Women Voters, Mark Warner has finally relented to the pressure and agreed to another debate with Jim Gilmore.

I honestly don’t know how Gilmore can turn this around, but Mark Warner should not be allowed to get away with his revisionist history.

Warner Signs On To Televised Debate
The Washington Post

Just how scared would Mark Warner be if he wasn't 26 pts. up?

28 Aug

Mark Warner is refusing to debate Jim Gilmore on statewide television.   What’s he afraid of?  That we’ll find out he’s as boring in a debate as he was in Denver?

H/T Virginia Virtucon: Mark Warner Chickens-Out Of Televised Debate

Warner may be afraid of debating Gilmore, but Bill Redpath isn’t.

From a press release:  Redpath said on Thursday, “I know Mark Warner is  leading in the polls, but I find his decision not to debate Jim Gilmore curious.  The recent history of politicians who refuse to debate their opponents in  Virginia is that of defeat.”

What’s Mark’s reason for not debating?  Curious indeed.

The Warnerese to English Translator interprets tonight's speech

26 Aug

The right-wing liberal put in some overtime tonight translating Mark Warner’s not prime time but inspiring speech:  The Warnerese-to-English translator dissects the DNC Keynote

My fellow Democrats. My fellow Americans. The most important contest of our generation has begun, but let’s not talk about my Senate campaign.

For some reason, my favorite line:

You could send a job to Danville.  Please do.  I know I didn’t.

Do yourself a favor and read the whole translation.  It makes a lot more sense than what you actually heard.

Mark Warner was bumped from prime time?

26 Aug

Seems that Mark Warner lost his prime time spot for refusing to go after John McCain in his speech.

Wonder why that is?  Does he suspect, as we do, that many who may vote for him, won’t vote for Barack Obama?

Kristol Calls In: Warner Gets Bumped for Refusing to be Attack Dog
The Weekly Standard Blog

Bill Kristol calls in from the Pepsi Center. According to a source, Mark Warner was originally scheduled to speak in the 10 o’clock hour in primetime before Hillary Clinton, but Warner was moved to the less desireable pre-primetime bloc because he apparently refused to turn his speech into an attack on John McCain.

Tonight, Mark Warner did something no one else has been able to accomplish

26 Aug

Tonight at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, former Virginia Governor’s uninspiring speech and revisionist history did inspire me to do something that, to date, no one else has been able to do.

Tonight, I endorse Jim Gilmore for Senate.

I’ve got my reasons for being slow in coming around. But, the reality is, for Virginia, the best candidate for U.S. Senate is Jim Gilmore.

Thanks for the warning Badrose

20 Aug

Badrose let’s us know that The One comes to John Tyler Community College in Chester today.

Also in the RTD: As VP watch continues, Obama plans Chester stop

The week before the Convention, Obama spends two days in Virginia, Mark Warner gets a keynote address, Tim Kaine holds a line of succession meeting.

I still wouldn’t bet on it.

No Keynote Speaker at a DNC convention has been elected President or Vice President in at least 50 years

13 Aug

And that’s according to DemConWatch.  Previous DNC keynoters:

  • 2004: Sen. Barack Obama
  • 2000: Rep. Harold Ford, Jr
  • 1996: Evan Bayh
  • 1992: Rep. Barbara Jordan
  • 1988: Gov. Ann Richards
  • 1984: Gov. Mario Cuomo
  • 1980: Rep. Mo Udall
  • 1976: Rep. Barbara Jordan and John Glenn
  • 1972: Gov. Reuben Askew
  • 1968: Sen. Daniel Inouye
  • 1964: Sen. John Pastore
  • 1960: Sen. Frank Church

So, being a keynote speaker doesn’t bode well for Mark Warner or Barack Obama.  Sure it’s a prestigious spot.  And, at this point, while we presume that Warner is the warm up act for Hillary, we’re not certain of the schedule.  Still, all the attention that evening is going to be on Hillary.

Mark Warner is, after all, one of the ones who stepped down to spend more time with his family, nudge, nudge, wink, wink…so to speak.  Then he decided he really didn’t like them that much and tossed his hat in the ring to run for Senate.

We have to wonder what this means for Tim Kaine who wasn’t exactly applauded for his foreign policy expertise this week. We can read this much into it: Obama thinks Virginia is a key state, and he thinks he can carry the state.

He also thinks there are 57 states and that he caused a cease fire in Georgia.  Thank goodness he sent in the Alabama National Guard.