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I don't get this Facebook Ad

26 Feb

Okay, I don’t get most Facebook ads. 

Like, for example, why they need to advertise “free gas” for men who are 51-years-old.  Don’t they know anything about 51-year-old men?

But, I digress.

See the ad pictured here.  What’s up with the juxtaposition of the image and the ad.  What’s the subliminal message here?

Get your degree and these girls will be your friends?

Get your degree and your daughter won’t wear trampy makeup?

And no, for what it’s worth, I never click the Facebook ads.


Non Resolute

18 Feb

Back on New Year’s Eve when I returned from my post-historical-election hiatus, I pointed out that I was not making resolutions for 2010.  Instead, I gave a list of things I wanted to work on.

Now, almost two months into the year, how am I doing?

Health and Fitness:  Not where I want to be.  As I mentioned a few minor health bumps slowed me down. Nothing major, but all of which have prevented me from going back to the gym (specifically the pool).  But we’ve now resolved other issues with the Wii Fit and the weather is warming up enough to allow me to walk at lunch time. So, there’s not much progress.  But there is movement.

Writing:  I’ve not really made progress towards getting published. But I’m writing, researching and reading daily.

Spanish:  Sigh…I’ve still got the CDs in the truck.

Study:  I’m back in class, back in a regular Sunday School class and I’m reading daily.  I’m also a little more than halfway through The 90 Day Challenge.

So, not exactly where I want to be.  But not a total slacker either.

Who the &^%$ buys a t-shirt like this?

18 Feb

I was out to dinner tonight with the wife and the 10-year-old.  The 20-year-old was off on his own pursuits. 

As we were leaving the restaurant (T.G.I.Friday’s) a couple was walking out of the bar at the same time. 

They looked to be in their 30s, but I couldn’t be sure because what caught my eye was the man’s t-shirt. 

In big bold letters it read:

“F*** the crackers, Polly wanna tattoo.”

Only the big word wasn’t censored.  It was right there in big block letters in all of its explosive consonant glory.

How quaint.

Look, I’m no prude.  I know the word.  It neither shocks nor offends me.  You can’t work in politics very long if it does.  And, truth be told, in almost 52 years, it’s probably exploded across my lips a time or two.

But what kind of degenerate wears it on a shirt?  In public?

What misfiring brain synapses makes someone look in the mirror and say “this is the fashion statement I want to make?”

And why are the fashion police never around when you really need them?

And now for something completely different…

16 Feb

What Happens at the Greenbrier, Stays at the Greenbrier

1 Oct

Gambling begins at Greenbrier resort today
The Roanoke Times

Less than a month after getting its license to offer gambling, the historic Greenbrier resort will offer table games like poker and roulette to its guests starting today.

Well, I'm back.

29 Aug

What did I miss?

Dear no longer "Smart" Tag people

19 Aug

I got your nasty gram tonight. The one that said:

Our records indicate that on at least 5 occasions in the past month your vehicle passed through a toll lane without an E-ZPass toll transaction being recorded.

Your love note goes on to imply that my transponder was not properly mounted or that there was not enough money in my account.

Let me be clear.

We have three vehicles using E-ZPass. The transponders are in the same location they were when we entered the program.

Our account is automatically debited every time we get below a certain balance.

That your equipment can’t read ours properly or that your accounting methods are slower than you’d prefer is not my fault.

So let me assure you, we won’t tolerate your adding a dollar per transaction should this occur again.

Yes, I’ll be calling in the morning to explain that.

And to allow you to apologize.

Now approaching…

3 Jul


School's Out!

12 Jun

In the now we've heard everything department…

9 Jun

So we’ve all heard about the medical records that were possibley compromised in the Commonwealth.

Today, we received a notice from the Department of Health Professions saying that yes, a family member’s records may have been on that list.

The family member?

Our cat Abby, whom we said goodbye to last July.