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The 90 Day Challenge – Day 46

15 Feb

Back at the first of the year I announced that I was taking The 90 Days Challenge.  It’s a reading challenge to go through the entire Bible (NIV version) in 90 days.  My copy of the NIV means that I need to read between 16-17 days.

So far, I’ve kept up.  I’ve missed a couple of days and have had to double up to stay on track.  It’s an ambitious reading project. 

I intend to finish, but I don’t know that this is the best way to read, certainly not study, the Scriptures.  Yes, it’s good to read through them in order to get the story.  But there’s no reading for comprehension.

I look forward to actually saying “there, I did it.”  But then I need to slow down, take a different reading approach and read more for substance.


Monday Reading

1 Jun
H/T TOTUS on Facebook

H/T TOTUS on Facebook

This is Elevated Discourse?
Peter Wehner, National Review

Mr. Wallis fancies himself as a peacemaker, a man committed to reconciliation, the author of a book which calls for “a new politics of compassion, community, and civility.” He is none of those things; he is, in fact, very nearly the opposite. Wallis’s rhetoric is noxious and his spirit animated by a good deal of hate. People of good will and faith should say so.
Read more.

The NRSC Gets A Rude Awakening At Redstate
Right Wing News

So, with that in mind, I was very interested to see the reaction in the comments section at Redstate to Cornyn’s post. Would they agree? Would they disagree? Would it be split? Answer: About 98% of the comments were negative and it’s worth reposting some of them to let the people at the NRSC know what the rest of us think about the way the disgraceful way they’ve behaved in this Florida primary.
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Obama Revises Campaign Promise Of ‘Change’ To ‘Relatively Minor Readjustments In Certain Favorable Policy Areas’
The Onion

“Remember: Yes we can, if by that you mean tiptoeing around potentially unpopular decisions that could alienate a large segment of the populace.”
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The Obama Motor Co.
The Wall Street Journal

Back in December, in an economy far, far away, then-CEO Rick Wagoner tossed out the scary cost to taxpayers of $100 billion if General Motors wasn’t saved by the government. Well, GM was saved in December and again in March, and as early as today the feds will rescue it a third time in a prepackaged bankruptcy that is already costing at least $50 billion, and that’s for starters. Welcome to Obama Motors, and what is likely to be a long, expensive and unhappy exercise in political car making.
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AP: Tiller Murder Part of a ‘String’; Abort Group’s Own History Shreds Claim

But a look at the actual history of such violence accumulated by a pro-abortion group demonstrates that Tiller’s murder is correctly seen as a horrible, isolated incident following a long, sustained decline in violence.Read more.

An Invitation to Janine Garafalo

And in Virginia

McDonnell outraises all three Democrats combined in April and May
Virginia Virtucon

McDonnell outraised all three Democrats combined during the past eight weeks and has twice as much money as the three Dems combined.
Read more.

I Know Dems Love To Recycle, But This Is Ridiculous…
Virginia Virtucon

So, Levar “Slasher” Stoney is up to his old self-confessed habit of lying again.  Let’s look back at what Dems have said in the past, shall we?
Read more.

David Ray: Convention or Primary?

Since the Republican State Central Committee voted on March 8, 2008 to nominate its 2009 statewide ticket by convention, many grassroots activists have decided to participate in our convention.  However, others have decried the decision to use a convention to select our nominees, instead of doing what parties do in most other states – nominate via primary.
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Mid-Week Reading

27 May

newspaperMore on Sotomayor

An ideological choice
Gary Bauer, The Washington Times

Mr. Obama has told us what kind of judges he is seeking: judges who feel unconstrained by the plain language of the law or the text of the Constitution, judges who instead will act on their “empathy,” on their own sense of right and wrong. He wants judges who will legislate from the bench. That is the very definition of judicial activism.
Read more.

EDITORIAL: A judge too far
Nominating Sotomayor reveals the president’s true colors
The Washington Times

With his nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the U.S. Supreme Court, President Obama has abandoned all pretense of being a post-partisan president. While he may like to think of himself as a thoughtful moderate soaring above the issues that divide America, his actions reveal what hides under that hopeful lining.
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Cheers For Cheney
Brent Bozell, TownHall

Dick Cheney clearly drives the liberal media nuts. As much as they’d like to bask in the glow of the new and glorious Obama Era, they simply cannot achieve that requisite state of nirvana with Cheney around. They spent eight long years packaging Cheney as some evil and deadly combination of Darth Vader and the Ebola virus. Now they can add to the descriptors a new title: Count Dracula. The man refuses to die.
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This insult to the Queen – the only living head of state who actually served in the war
Robert Hardman, Daily Mail

If you turn up in France on June 6, the 65th anniversary of D-Day – the invasion which really did win the war – you are in for a surprise. Because, if you did not know better, you would imagine that D-Day was all down to the Americans – with a little help from the French…No matter that the Queen is the only head of state alive who served in uniform during that war. No matter that her father’s British and Canadian troops stormed three out of the five Normandy beaches – codenamed Sword, Juno and Gold – while the Americans invaded two – Omaha and Utah.
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The Powell Doctrine
Cal Thomas, TownHall

Powell’s doctrine is a prescription for more Republican losses. The GOP has been declared prematurely dead before in 1964, ’76, ’92 and 2008. It revives when it remembers its principles, not when it abandons them or pretends they no longer matter in the pursuit of a self-defeating “big tent.”
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More Reading Assignments

22 Apr

noverturesFidel Castro: Obama Got ‘Overture’ Wrong
Apparently Raul Castro didn’t mean it when he said Cuban leaders would be willing to sit down with their U.S. counterparts and discuss “everything.”
FOX News

HAVANA — Fidel Castro said Tuesday that President Obama “misinterpreted” his brother Raul’s sentiments toward the United States and bristled at any suggestion Cuba should free political prisoners or reduce official fees on money sent to the island from the U.S.
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Mr. Obama… How far would you go to save an American life?
Bobby Eberle, The Loft

Do Obama and his left-wing cohorts remember what happened on September 11, 2001? I certainly do. Given the fact that Obama felt it necessary to release previously classified memos regarding American interrogation techniques, it seems to me that he is more concerned with the rights of terrorists than the lives of the American people. Yes, that sounds like a harsh statement, but read on, and let’s put the facts together. It all comes down to this fundamental question that any American could ponder, “How far would you go to save an American life?”
Read more.

CIA Memos Release Great News for al-Qaida

This is political grandstanding in its most despicable and contemptible form, because it isn’t just votes at stake, but lives. And the mere discussion of truth commissions and potential prosecutions has already harmed our nation by chilling future policies that could protect us.
Read more.

Obama Blames America
Demonizing Harry Truman may not play well with voters.
The Wall Street Journal

Since that bridge too far to Europe, ordinary Americans, including some who voted for Mr. Obama, have shown evidence of a quiet but durable resentment over the list of grievances against the United States that the president brought to the world’s attention while overseas. There are certain things that can’t be taken back. There are images that are hard to forget. Anger of this kind has an enduring power that could, in the end, haunt this presidency.
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Gibbs denies Obama taught constitutional law
Red State

During his April 14, 2009 press briefing, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had an exchange with Helen Thomas about detainees being held at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. During this exchange, Gibbs denied that Obama “taught on constitutional law.”
Read more.

$%^&*!!: Civility and tolerance in the Age of Obama
Michelle Malkin

But in the age of Obama, there’s no room for such nuance and inconvenient truths. A decent young woman is a “dumb b*tch” for holding the same view of marriage as the Obamessiah. A conservative campus speaker is bullied as a hatemonger by wild-eyed hatemongers. A grass-roots movement is debased as a bunch of racist vulgarians by a media mob of racists and vulgarians. Civility and tolerance have taken a left-hand turn down a one-way street. So much for changing course.
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Tea Party Terrorists
A new radical, grassroots Right takes shape
Charleston City Paper

But in the meantime, I remain smiling. This might finally be the movement I’ve been waiting for — extremely principled, radically righteous, and conservative to a tea.
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New law to ‘manage’ 8 million ‘volunteers’
Obama signs huge expansion of youth brigades legislation
World Net Daily

President Obama today signed into law the “GIVE Act,” H.R. 1388, which massively expands the National Service Corporation and allocates to it billions of dollars, and one executive for the program now says it will allow for the “managing” of up to 8 or 9 million people.
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Senator Grassley, please pick up the white courtesy phone.
Senator Charles Grassley, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Senator Grassley and the Law of Unintended Consequences
Marvelous Medley

Care to step forward Mr Senator? If CFO Kellermann’s death is ruled a suicide, will you be offering a bow and apology of your own?
Read more.

And for Earth Day…

Remembering Ira Einhorn, who claimed to be instrumental in creating Earth Day.
Ira Samuel Einhorn, a.k.a. “The Unicorn Killer” (born May 15, 1940), is a former American activist of the 1960s and 1970s who is now serving a life sentence for the 1977 murder of Holly Maddux.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Lenin
Tertium Quids

As today is the birthday of one of the great monsters of history, V.I. Lenin, I’ll avoid the all-too-easy comparisons with earth day and instead point you to this Style Weekly piece where the president of the Virginia Commonwealth University chapter of the International Students for Social Equality discusses whether Mr. Obama is a socialist.
Read more.

Earth Day – more than just the environment
Bearing Drift

Earth Day represents a moment during the year when people worldwide can contemplate the human impact on our planet and recognize some things that we can do to keep the air and waterways clean, preserve species, and celebrate the joy our planet brings to us.  But it should also be a day when citizens contemplate the sometimes heavy-hand of government on business and commerce as it attempts to regulate our way to a greener lifestyle.
Read more.
Why I DON’T Celebrate “Earth Day”
Virginia Virtucon

I count myself as a conservationist.  I believe that we have a responsibility to this great world that God has given to us.  God has made us its stewards and while the planet’s resources are at our disposal, we must ensure that we leave things the same as or better than we found it.
Read more.

Mid-Week Reading

21 Apr

porkulus1A Timid Advocate of Freedom
President Obama has failed his early foreign-policy tests.
Mitt Romney, National Review Online

The leader of the free world has been a timid advocate of freedom at best. And bold action to blunt the advances of tyrants has been wholly lacking. We are still very early in the Obama years — the president will have ample opportunity to defend America and freedom, and to deter nuclear brinkmanship. I am hoping for change.
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In time of victory, why is the left so angry?
Byron York, Washington Examiner

These should be happy times for liberals and the Democratic party as a whole. They control the White House and both houses of Congress, while opposition Republicans are leaderless and lost. So why do some Democrats, particularly those farther to the left, appear so angry?
Read more.

Barack Obama: The Soft on Tyranny President
Candidate Obama was tough on Castro. President Obama wants to be Castro’s pal.
Warner Todd Huston, Red State

Now that he’s won the White House, suddenly Barack Obama is less interested in all that talk of Castro’s tyranny and oppression and injustice. Now he’s all about “change” and working together and not “interfering” in other countries. Now it’s all about America’s errors, not Cuba’s. The rhetoric is suddenly quite soft on Castro’s despotism and oppression.
Read more.

Axelrod: Anti-Americanism now ‘not cool’
The Washington Times

“What’s happened is anti-Americanism isn’t cool anymore,” Mr. Axelrod said, speaking to an audience of a few hundred at a conference in Washington sponsored by the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.
Read more.

Peace Through Weakness
David Limbaugh, TownHall

It really does sound fantastic and silly that anyone could really believe that the United States has brought terrorist wrath upon itself by doing anything other than, perhaps, nobly allying with Israel. It’s even more ludicrous to entertain seriously the notion that if we’d just start being nicer, we could improve our international image and make ourselves safer, especially when you consider that being nicer entails lowering our guard and playing into the enemy’s hands on a number of fronts.
Read more.

In time of victory, why is the left so angry?
Byron York, Washington Examiner

These should be happy times for liberals and the Democratic party as a whole. They control the White House and both houses of Congress, while opposition Republicans are leaderless and lost. So why do some Democrats, particularly those farther to the left, appear so angry?
Read more

Mid-Week Reads

15 Apr

taxdayteapartypostObama’s House Built on Rocks Will Fail
Erick Erickson, RedState

The “rock” is Christ and the Word. The “sand” is this reality — the one where Barack Obama is the secular messiah.
Read more.

Five Reasons You Should Tea Party This Week
Lorie Byrd, TownHall.com

On Wednesday, April 15, thousands of people are expected in all 50 states to join together for over 500 “tea party” protests.  Those attending the tea parties will be standing in opposition to rising taxes, more government control over private enterprise and less individual liberty.  If you agree with any of the following, you might want to join the party on April 15 to let your voice be heard.
Read more.

Not a Penny More
Cal Thomas, TownHall

April 15 might become the biggest tax-and-spend protest since the Boston Tea Party of 1773. Politicians fear spontaneous citizen outrage. That’s because when the public realizes they have been scammed, bamboozled, defrauded and hustled by politicians who take and then misspend their money — mostly to enhance their own power — they’ll run like scalded dogs.
Read more.

2009 Hurricane Forecast Dampened by Cooling Waters

The team of Professors Philip Klotzbach and William Gray of the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University (CSU) released their first revision to their initial forecast for the 2009 hurricane season. They now see this year as an average season, down from their prior assessment of it being an active season. The new forecast calls for 12 named storms, down from 14 in their December 10, 2008, initial forecast.
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Crouse Decries Homeland Security Report on Rightwing Extremism
Concerned Women for America

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Director and Senior Fellow of Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, says, “The report goes on to demonize specifically those who supposedly ‘exploit’ social issues such as ‘abortion, inter-racial crimes and same-sex marriage.’ It is the worst sort of extremism for a government agency to stir up fear against those groups who hold Biblical views on social issues. It is even worse to link those views with ‘inter-racial crimes.’ What unconscionable guilt by association!”
Read more.

Legion to DHS: Americans are not the enemy!
The American Legion

The best that I can say about your recent report is that it is incomplete. The report states, without any statistical evidence, “The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms and the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.”
Read more.

Mid Week Reading

31 Mar

porkulus1Night of the Living Death Tax: Obama’s budget quietly resurrects it in 2010.
The Wall Street Journal

Lawrence Summers, President Obama’s chief economic adviser, declared recently that “Let’s be very clear: There are no, no tax increases this year. There are no, no tax increases next year.” Oh yes, yes, there are. The President’s budget calls for the largest increase in the death tax in U.S. history in 2010.
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Beyond AIG: A Bill to let Big Government Set Your Salary
Bryan York, DC Examiner

The new legislation, the “Pay for Performance Act of 2009,” would impose government controls on the pay of all employees — not just top executives — of companies that have received a capital investment from the U.S. government. It would, like the tax measure, be retroactive, changing the terms of compensation agreements already in place. And it would give Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner extraordinary power to determine the pay of thousands of employees of American companies.
Read more.

Barney Frank to Dictate Your Salary
Chip Hanlon, Red Country

What else are we to make of pending legislation dubbed the “Pay for Performance Act of 2009?” What would this legislation do? According to a report from today’s Washington Times, it would allow government to set the salaries of all employees of companies which received any government funds. Read that again.
Read more.

Another Day, Another Scary Nomination
David Limbaugh, TownHall

As usual, President Barack Obama is multi-tasking the dismantling of the American system on so many fronts that not all of the outrages can be properly monitored. So while you should be mortified by his dictatorial power grab with General Motors, please don’t miss his recent nomination of former Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh as legal adviser for the State Department.
Read more.

Financial Rescue Nears GDP as Pledges $12.8 Trillion ($42,105 for every man, woman and child in the U.S.)

March 31 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. government and the Federal Reserve have spent, lent or committed $12.8 trillion, an amount that approaches the value of everything produced in the country last year, to stem the longest recession since the 1930s.
Read more.

Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—Or I Will
The Atlantic

In an interview conducted shortly before he was sworn in today as prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu laid down a challenge for Barack Obama. The American president, he said, must stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons—and quickly—or an imperiled Israel may be forced to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities itself.
Read more.

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Weekend Reading

28 Mar
H/T Rev. Right at American is an Obamanation

H/T Rev. Right at American is an Obamanation

Halfway (more or less) through today’s “to do” list, here’s some things you should read.

GOP Says Obama Budget Threatens Future Prosperity

“We believe you create prosperity by having an affordable government that pursues its responsibilities without excessive costs, taxes or debt,” Sen. Judd Gregg said in the Republican radio and Internet address.
Read more.

Obama Town Hall Questioners Were Campaign Backers
The Washington Post

President Obama has promised to change the way the government does business, but in at least one respect he is taking a page from the Bush playbook, stocking his town hall Thursday with supporters whose soft — though far from planted — questions provided openings to discuss his preferred message of the day.
Read more.

Tales of Totus, the President’s Teleprompter
Peter Baker, The New York Times

Notice anything missing from Tuesday night’s presidential news conference? Those teleprompters that generated so much attention at President Obama’s first prime-time session with reporters were gone. Or actually, just out of sight.
Read more.

Not Yet Ready for a Welfare State
Michael Barone, TownHall

He continues to insist that America cannot enjoy real prosperity again without higher taxes on high earners, a government health insurance program, a cap-and-trade program that amounts to a tax on energy and the effective abolition of secret ballots in unionization elections. The fact that there are large Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress made it seem that the path was open. But roadblocks have started to appear.
Read more.

Kathryn Jean Lopez :: Townhall.com Columnist
It’s Not Unusual to be Fooled by Anyone (Especially a President)
Kathryn Jean Lopez, TownHall

If you still think that President Barack Obama is about hope and change and moms and apple pie and nothing objectionable or radical, consider his nominee for head of the Office of Legal Counsel, Dawn Johnsen.
Read more.

The Media Sees No Evil
Gary Bauer, TownHall

What do all Americans, starting with George Washington, and especially pro-life advocates, have in common according to such media luminaries as NBC’s Brian Williams, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and the always quotable Rosie O’Donnell? They all could be considered terrorists, a word the media have begun to deploy against anyone they find particularly contemptible.
Read more.

But Where’s the Exit Strategy?
Dan Froomkin, The Washington Post

In a speech this morning, President Obama established narrower, more strategic goals for the war in Afghanistan, announced he would send in more troops and civilians, and described the need for regional outreach. But his new plan doesn’t seem to meet his own standards.
Read more.

Mid-Week Reading Assignments

24 Mar

oschangeCritics Blast Obama’s Scheduled Notre Dame Commencement Address

Nearly 65,000 people have signed an online petition protesting President Obama’s scheduled commencement address at the University of Notre Dame, citing the president’s views on abortion and stem cell research that “directly contradict” Roman Catholic teachings.
Read more.

The Toxic Assets We Elected
George Will, Real Clear Politics

WASHINGTON — With the braying of 328 yahoos — members of the House of Representatives who voted for retroactive and punitive use of the tax code to confiscate legal earnings of a small unpopular group — still reverberating, the Obama administration Monday invited private-sector investors to become business partners with the capricious and increasingly anti-constitutional government. This latest plan to unfreeze the financial system came almost half a year after Congress shoveled $700 billion into the Troubled Asset Relief Program, $325 billion of which has been spent without purchasing any toxic assets.
Read more.

TOTUS goes prime time

Dept. Homeland Security puts pro-lifers on terrorist watch list
Jill Stanek

Fox News reported yesterday a Dept. of Homeland Security satellite, the MO Information Analysis Center, considers “anti-abortion activists” as potential domestic terrorists according to a leaked report…
Read more.

President Chucklehead
Lorie Byrd, TownHall

Those on the right are no longer the only ones finding Obama humor.  Late night comedians are now making more jokes about President Obama than they did candidate Obama, but he has yet to get the full out Bush treatment and probably never will.
Read more.

Obama an ignoramus – Chavez
The Australian

VENEZUELA’S President Hugo Chavez said today his US counterpart Barack Obama was at best an “ignoramus” for saying the socialist leader exported terrorism and obstructed progress in Latin America.
Read more.

“I Will Do One Thing Today” To-Do List
Marc and Angel Hack Life

Evangelical Left Rallies to Sebelius
Mark Tooley, Virtue Online

Evangelical Left potentates are now rallying to Obama’s nomination of pro-abortion rights Governor Kathleen Sebelius as Health and Human Services Secretary. Describing themselves as “top Christian leaders” in their news release, they affirmed Sebelius as part of their ongoing dedication to “finding common ground solutions to reduce the number of abortions in America.”
Read more.

Tim Geithner, Secretary of Nationalization
Brian Darling, Red State

Rewarding failure is not just for Wall Street anymore.  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has done such an uninspiring job over the past few weeks that many in Congress have called for his head.  Much like Wall Street where Washington, D.C. is rewarding failure with big bonuses and massive multi-billion dollar bailouts, the Obama Administration is following the “rewarding failure” strategy by putting forth a proposal that would grant the Secretary of the Treasury the unprecedented power to nationalize private enterprise.  And I bet you thought those types of ideas went out the door when the Iron Curtain fell.  If you believed the era of big government was over then you have not been paying attention.
Read more.

Mid-Week Reading

18 Mar

porkulus1The Republican Civil War
Thomas Sowell, TownHall

As if it is not enough that they have been decimated by the Democrats in the past couple of elections, the Republican survivors are now turning their guns on each other.
Read more.

EDITORIAL: Guns on a plane
Obama secretly ends program that let pilots carry guns
The Washington Times

The Obama administration this past week diverted some $2 million from the pilot training program to hire more supervisory staff, who will engage in field inspections of pilots.
Read more.

Five Ways that Insanity Has Become the New Normal in America
John Hawkins, TownHall

Living in this country today is like sitting in the back seat of a car that’s hurtling towards the edge of a cliff at a hundred miles an hour while the driver fiddles with the radio and the guy in the passenger seat mocks the very idea of using brakes.
Read more.

Teen Sex and Insanity
Rebecca Hagelin, TownHall

Back to Quindlen. Hmmm…..when was the last time anyone needed to be told that “food tastes good” or that sex is “pleasurable” – especially teens? My goodness, Anna. Where have you been? In today’s sex-saturated world about the only thing teens seem to understand about sex – whether they’ve had it or not – is that it can be great fun.
Read more.

The Fetus as Organ Factory: The Next Moral Frontier?
Albert Mohler, Crosswalk.com

From London, the Daily Mail reported late last week that Oxford Professor Sir Richard Gardner now proposes that organ tissues from aborted fetuses might represent “at least a temporary solution” to the shortage of available organs for transplant.
Read more.

CBS News Poll: Limbaugh Has Higher Approval than Pelosi

“Limbaugh’s Favorable Rating: 19 Percent,” shouts the headline at the top of CBSNews.com tonight. A look, however, at the PDF of the full CBS News poll results, posted at 6:30 PM EDT Tuesday, pegs House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s favorable rating a point lower at 18 percent — within the margin of error, but evidence Limbaugh is no less popular than the leader of congressional Democrats.
Read more.