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In four weeks, we change it back…

6 Oct

Mourning in America

22 Sep

Coulter: Steele was Right

8 Jul

I don’t always agree with Ann Coulter, and I rarely defend Michael Steele.  But, in this case, they’re both right.

But now I hear it is the official policy of the Republican Party to be for all wars, irrespective of our national interest.

Bill Kristol Must Resign

Read the article.  Ann makes a lot of sense.

And there’s not much of that going around these days.

Seriously? The RNC is hawking THESE bumper stickers?

12 May

So, I got this email from Chairman Steele today.

It’s time for the Obama Democrats to stop vilifying their own fellow Americans and listen. And there’s no better way to make them understand than by displaying the “PROUD CONSERVATIVE,” “IS IT 2012 YET?” and “LISTEN TO ME NOW — OR HEAR ME IN NOVEMBER!” bumper stickers you’ll receive when you make a $5 or more contribution to the RNC today.

Just one more example of how the RNC just doesn’t get it.

They’ve learned nothing from the rejection of Charlie Crist in Florida and Bob Bennett in Utah. Republicans this fall are in just as much danger of losing as Democrats.

Pretty bumper stickers, Mr. Steele. When the GOP actually starts believing them and living up to them, let me know.

Why I Rejoice at the Sight of this Envelope

21 Apr

RNC Spent $340K On Hawaii Meeting
Hotline on Call

The RNC spent more than $340K at a semi-annual meeting in Honolulu in Jan., the latest example of the party spending lavishly on itself while GOP officials worry they won’t have enough money to take advantage of a promising national landscape this fall.

Look, I spent eight years in DC as a professional (Certified) meeting planner. I know you have to spend money on meetings and events. I know they’re important.

But when you have an image problem already, you don’t make it worse.

Conditions are ripe for a conservative Republican landslide this fall.

But it appears the RNC is hell bent on throwing it all away.

Which is what, by the way, I did with their envelope.

You may recall:



Oh. Happy. Day.

Dear Republicans, You’re Stepping on My Last Nerve

1 Apr

Let’s be clear that you’re the reason we’re where we are in the first place. If the Republican Congress hadn’t squandered their leadership and spent money like a drunken sailor, we might not have a Democratic controlled Congress OR a President Obama.

Still, we’ve realized that you’re the best we’ve got.

For now.

We do not, repeat, do not want to read headlines like this:

Shocking…GOP Already Starting To Go Wobbly On Repealing Health Care Reform Monstrosity
Ace of Spades

Repeal is going to be hard and it’s going to be a long process. Look how long it took to get the damn thing in place. We have 3-4 years, not 100 so we need focus and determination because if we don’t succeed, nothing else matters…Man up GOP.

The American people overwhelmingly do not want Obamacare. We tried to make the Democrats in Congress hear that.

They ignored that.

If YOU ignore that, rest assured we will ignore you.

And while we’re on the subject of Republicans, it’s time to tear the Republican National Committee down and start all over.

It was enough that we had this story.

But then you add insult to injury with this:

RNC’s Nasty Talk: Mailer Directs Donors to Sex Line
ABC News

The Republican National Committee inadvertently distributed fundraising mail earlier this month with a return number that leads to a phone-sex line offering to connect callers with “hot horny girls … students, housewives, and working girls from all over the country.”

Yes, I know it was a “typo.” I know it was a “mistake.” I’ve made more than my fair share over the years.

But you, RNC, can’t afford to make mistakes.

Generic polling has Republicans leading Democrats in the race for Congress. Approval ratings for the President and the Congress are at near record lows.

But don’t think that automatically means we’re going to hand the control over to you come November.

You have to earn it.

If I saw anything with last year’s Tea Party rallies it was that people are just as angry with Republicans as they are with Democrats.

Sure, you held it together on the health care vote, even though it passed.

Don’t blow it.

RNC: Anybody have $10 Billion in Singles?

30 Mar

One Little Bar Tab Should Put Michael Steele at Risk
Chip Hanlon at Red Country

And if the spending and the leadership are examined closely and found to be lacking, shouldn’t the man in charge of it all suffer a worse professional outcome than a donor who picked up a bar tab?

Hugh Hewitt has Another RNC E-mail

I really don’t have much more to say about the stupidity of all of this.

Here we are, Republicans finally banding together. Conservatives lining up to fight Obamacare and to take back the House and maybe the Senate in the fall. And we get this story.

If I’ve read correctly one person has been fired. Sorry. Not good enough.

Anyone and everyone who knew about this, who approved it, who condoned it or who tried to cover it up should be gone.


I can’t wait until the next time RNC calls my house.

Rasmussen: Republicans by 10

16 Mar

Generic Congressional Ballot
Republicans Lead Democrats by 10 in Generic Ballot, Highest Lead Yet
Rasmussen Reports

Republican candidates have now stretched their lead over Democrats to 10 points in the Generic Congressional Ballot, their biggest lead ever in nearly three years of weekly tracking. The GOP has been leading on the ballot for months.

Make no mistake about it, this is not because of American overconfidence in Republicans. It is clearly because of the failure of the Democratic Congress and Administration.

Image shamelessly pilfered from Virginia Virtucon.

NOW he wants to sit down with the Republicans???

7 Feb

After a year of private, closed door negotations and ignoring Republicans suggestions and solutions, and after the Democratic  majority in Congress couldn’t deliver on health care, Barack Obama has decided it’s time to talk to the Republicans.

Obama Invites GOP to “Bipartisan Health-Care Summit”
National Review

President Obama has invited Congressional Republicans to a half-day health-care summit, to be broadcast live from the Blair House later this month.

Here’s the kicker…

So I doubt even the most masterful of rhetorical performances from President Obama will change the prognosis of the bill — reconciliation or bust — but the very fact the White House is resorting to this strategem is a sign of just how few options they have left.

Camelot: 'Twas a Silly Place

22 Jan

Tuesday’s election of Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown to fill a Senate seat held by a Kennedy, in fact one of just two Kennedy’s, since 1953 has shaken the political foundations of Washington, the nation and most notably the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.  After all, the seat belonged to the people of Camelot.  It belonged to the Kennedys.  It belonged to the Democrats.  Or so they thought.

Ted Kennedy, the youngest of four Kennedy brothers and the one their father expected the least from, held that seat for forty-seven years, since his brother’s election to the Presidency.  In a sense, he had greatness thrust upon him.  Each of his older brothers had died tragically.  Older brother Joe died near the end of World War II.  Brothers Jack and Bobby were gunned down by assassins. 

This left Ted Kennedy to be the political leader of the family.  And while it was not what their father had originally intended, Ted Kennedy grew in stature in the United States Senate and was really the most effective Kennedy of his generation.

The scandal of Chappaquiddick and a primary challenge loss to Jimmy Carter ended Ted’s Presidential aspirations.  Hope held out for young John F. Kennedy, Jr. to perhaps follow in his father’s footsteps.  But in what some might call the Kennedy curse, his life was also cut short in yet another tragic accident.

Still, I don’t believe in a Kennedy curse.   They’re simply a large, energetic, passionate family.  Maybe that causes them to take risks.  Their tragedies and their triumphs have played out on the national and world stage. 

To some, they’re America’s royal family.  And face it; in terms of scandals they can give the House of Windsor a run for their money.

Many have termed the presence of the Kennedys in American politics as Camelot, the title of the Lerner and Lowe musical based on the legend of King Arthur.  Yet, Camelot, like the Kennedy curse, was a myth.

In the month after Jack Kennedy’s assassination, Jackie Kennedy called author T.H. White to Hyannis Port for an interview, it was there she said, ”

At night before we’d go to sleep… we had an old Victrola. Jack liked to play some records. His back hurt, the floor was so cold. I’d get out of bed at night and play it for him, when it was so cold getting out of bed… on a Victrola ten years old — and the song he loved most came at the very end of this record, the last side of Camelot, sad Camelot… “Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot.”…There’ll never be another Camelot again…

Jackie Kennedy knew that she had to work to shape the legacy of her husband’s brief Presidency. And that she did.  But later White wrote that his article was a “misreading of history. The magic Camelot of John F. Kennedy never existed.”

Because Jack Kennedy was shot down in political prime, much of the legacy of his Presidency has been romanticized, as Jackie intended.  When Bobby was killed just after the California primary, the mantle fell to Ted.

I supposed in a “blue” state like Massachusetts it was only natural for the people to keep returning Ted Kennedy to Washington.  He wielded power.  He represented them well.  And while I find much of his politics deplorable, you can’t discount his effectiveness.

So, the assumption was that, to honor Ted, to honor the Kennedy legacy, to honor Camelot, that another Democrat would easily waltz into the Senate seat. 

Enter the American people.

At the beginning of the American Revolution the “Shot heard round the world” was fired from Concord, Massachusetts.  On Tuesday, the people of Massachusetts cast the votes heard ’round the world.

Tired of a Congress that doesn’t listen, a President with an agenda the American people don’t support, and independent enough to say that no one is owed a political seat, not in this country anyway, the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts elected to send pickup driving Republican Scott Brown to Washington.

Camelot was always a myth.  And now, it’s history.