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Richmond Tea Party: Tax Day Rally

5 Apr

I do not fear the coming Ukropalypse

17 Feb

@Martins: Dies ist verboten

I’ve not commented much about the sale of Ukrop’s and the coming of Martin’s to Richmond. Change happens.

Ukrop’s, of course, is known for their service, their prepared foods and their community support.

Whether or not they can live up to the service of Ukrop’s remains to be seen. But quite frankly I’ve never been comfortable about a 97-year-old man or a cheerleader-esque teenage girl carrying my groceries to my car.

The good news is that last week the RTD reported that the prepared foods will stay:

What won’t be changing at Ukrop’s is the baked goods and prepared foods.

Those items are made at a central location and shipped to stores daily. Those baked goods, including Ukrop’s famed White House Rolls, and prepared foods will continue to be sold to Ahold under a new venture that the Ukrop family will operate.

Richmond Times Dispatch, February 8, 2010

That’s good to know. Nobody around does prepared foods like Ukrop’s. My wife boasts that she hasn’t fried chicken since we moved to Richmond some sixteen years ago. And, who needs to?

I guess the thing that changes is that we can now pick up that chicken for Sunday dinner…on the way home from church.

Speaking of which, I don’t really care about Ukrop’s, excuse me Martin’s, opening on Sunday, well other than the loss of tradition. Or about them selling beer and wine. After all, if you can’t get to Total Wine or The Wine Cellar, Kroger has a decent selection.

But what Martin’s may have to learn is how much the Richmond community relied on and appreciate the support from the Ukrop’s chain and the Ukrop’s family.

I’d heard this rumor, but today’s RTD article confirmed this:

Ukrop’s sale brings changes for charitable groups

Groups, including the Girl Scouts and the Salvation Army, will no longer will be allowed to set up shop outside Ukrop’s stores to sell their wares or solicit donations, as they have done for years.

Nobody messes with my Thin Mints. Nobody.

In reality though, I buy my Girl Scout cookies from my niece. Since she’s just in first grade, I think my supply will hold out for a few years.

But to deny the Girl Scouts the opportunity to sell their cookies in front of the store seems a bit Grinchy.

Also singled out is the Salvation Army.

This one’s a bit more personal for me. I spent Christmas break my sophomore year in college manning a Salvation Army kettle in the Bronx. To this day I’m neither physically nor emotionally capable of passing by a red Salvation Army kettle without contributing. If I don’t have any change, I dig for the folding money.

So I’m thinking Martin’s may have a bit to learn about Richmond. Sure we’ll try them out. But they’re going to have to win me over. And this policy is not a good start.

I understand it’s corporate policy.

But they don’t have to be Aholds about it.

Again, what are they thinking?

11 Feb


Do they want this franchise to fail before it ever gets off the ground? The Richmond Flying Squirrels today announced their new mascot.

A Flying Squirrel named “Nutzy.”

Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Supposedly it was picked from a contest of over 3,600 entries.

Every second-grade boy in the Metro Richmond area knows the double entendre of that name. And the management of the Flying Squirrels knows it as well.

Wasn’t “Flying Squirrels” embarrassing enough?

Still, I understand that on opening night the first 5,000 fans get a free souvenir protective cup.

Goodbye Columbus…er..we mean Connecticut…

4 Jan

As if the Flying Squirrels name for Richmond’s new baseball team wasn’t bad enough, now we learn that Connecticut, the Native American that peers over the entryway into the Diamond, is being evicted.

Connecticut’s New Home

The Richmond Metropolitan Authority is issuing a Request For Proposals this week in an effort to find a new home for the sculpture.

Fair enough, if I were Connecticut I wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by the new nickname either. 

Artist Paul DiPasquale hopes to find another Richmond location for Connecticut.

Oh no, they didn't

15 Oct

flyingsquirrelsYes, yes they did.

Richmond Baseball has a new name.  The Richmond Flying Squirrels.

Richmond’s Baseball Team Announced

A new Richmond baseball team has been named. We now welcome the Richmond Flying Squirrels to our fair city.

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

How about "The Richmond What the Heck are they Thinking?"

6 Oct

Please tell me that this is one colossal joke…

Richmond Baseball announces the Final Five (names)
North Richmond News

The front office of the new Richmond Baseball team has announced the final five choices for the new name:

  • Flatheads
  • Flying Squirrels
  • Hambones
  • Rock Hoppers
  • Rhinos

We’re with Jimmy Barrett at WRVA head over to the RTD poll so you can vote for the Richmond Hambones.

H/T to Jimmy for this clip of the Hambone Brothers

The Lion in Winterpock

12 Nov

So, a lion has been wandering around Chesterfield County since October 30 (at least) and it still hasn’t been found?

Authorities get reports of lion roaming Bon Air
Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 30

Richmond authorities have received reports of a lion sighting near the Chesterfield County line in Bon Air.

Salisbury group spreads lion warning
Richmond Times Dispatch, November 7

A Radstock Road resident reported seeing an animal that looked like a mountain lion. The animal was described as the size of a very large dog and appeared to weigh about 100 pounds.

More Lion Sightings In Chesterfield
WRIC, November 8

“I saw it full bodied, it was kind of sitting down right by the tree there so it was 50 to 75 feet from where I was. I got a good look at it and ran in the house, I was very nervous and told my wife— but by the time we got back to the windows it had walked off,” recalls Tom Magne.

Big Cat On The Prowl In Metro Richmond?

Over the past few weeks, animal control officers have received several reports of a mountain lion in the metro Richmond area. The latest happened on Tuesday night. Officers were called to investigate another possible sighting in the 1400 block of Brownleaf Drive in south Richmond. That’s in the Bramblewood Estates Apartments.

Okay, Bon Air to Salisbury to South Richmond?  Is this all the same lion?  Is it really a mountain lion?  An escaped “pet?”

The animal is only going to do what comes naturally.  Of course, today’s reports on WRVA said that it may “naturally” view pets or small children as prey.

Let’s be careful out there.

Go Braves! And Take Doug with you…

23 Sep

I admit to not being much of a Richmond Braves fan. I can’t remember the last game I went to, I didn’t enjoy the experience and I wasn’t motivated to go back. And while I think their departure was a loss for the City, I wasn’t motivated enough to want to try to stop them from going.

All that being said, just what is it with Doug Wilder?

Mayor L. Douglas Wilder, who isn’t seeking a second term in the Nov. 4 election, suggested yesterday that Shockoe Bottom — not the Boulevard — should be considered for a stadium as part of an upcoming review of potential development plans for both areas.

Mayoral candidates spar over ballpark
Richmond Times-Dispatch

He thinks building a stadium in Shockoe Bottom without a team is a good idea NOW?

Back in 2005 Wilder wanted the Braves to promise to stay if the stadium was built. The Braves refused because “the City failed to provide them with adequate traffic, flooding, parking and environmental studies.”

Michael Paul Williams hits one out of the park

19 Jul

It’s rare that I agree with Michael Paul Williams. But this time he’s right, Richmond doesn’t deserve a baseball team.

Richmond shows it’s undeserving of baseball team
Michael Paul Williams in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

In typically passive fashion, we’ve decided there are higher civic priorities and better uses for our tax dollars than a new ballpark. But we can’t blame Atlanta Braves’ brass for throwing up their hands in frustration and making a backdoor deal to relocate their farm team to a suburb 45 minutes away.

Read more.

While I’m not sure that Richmond has it’s higher civic priorities in order, we’ve not done anything to convince the Braves to stay.

I’ll admit to not helping. The last time I recall being at a Braves game was when my son’s 13th birthday. He’s just finished his freshman year in college.

Widespread damage, 200 injured as tornados rip through the area

28 Apr

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch

In Suffolk, 200 hurt; death not storm-related
Authorities say as many as 200 people have been injured in possible tornadoes that swept through the Suffolk today, and more were hurt in other parts of the state.

Tornado hits Colonial Heights, several hurt
There is widespread damage and several people injured in Colonial Heights, and damage in Brunswick County and other parts of southeastern Virginia caused by what appear to be multiple tornadoes.

Kaine declares state of emergencyGovernor Timothy M. Kaine has declared a state of emergency, directing state agencies to take all necessary actions to aid in the response to widespread damage from this afternoon’s severe weather.

Follow the links for more, including photos.