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In four weeks, we change it back…

6 Oct

Chesterfield County Schools: Stop complaining about money

20 Feb

Much noise has been made about Governor McDonnell’s recommended budget cuts.  That’s another story.

Here in Chesterfield we’ve been hearing for months how the school system doesn’t have the money it needs for construction, that many teachers will lose their jobs, etc.

I’ve already been complaining about the phone system that calls me every time school is cancelled or delayed because of weather.  You don’t have to call me at 6:00 a.m. I can get up an hour later and check the news myself and still have plenty of time to get the kid to school.  But that’s also another story.

Now we find this:

Can an iPod Help Your Child Learn?

In Chesterfield County, the School Board approved a five-year technology plan in December that includes $3 million for a mobile technology pilot program for students. The money will come from the district’s capital improvement plan.


How many trailers can you eliminate, or how many teachers can you retain for $3 million???

Yeah, I understand that kids are permanently attached to their iPods.  But when my older son was going through Chesterfield County Schools, our job was to prevent him from taking the iPod to school.

My younger son, on the other hand, has been computer literate since he was three.  And he’s mostly self taught.  He doesn’t have an iPod yet.  But when he does, it’s not going to school.

I can only imagine where this is going.  Henrico County already provides students with laptops.  Will Chesterfield follow by providing iPods or other hand held devices?  It is only logical to conclude that not every child in Chesterfield County can’t afford an iPod.

Technology is important.  And finding the appropriate use for it in the classroom is equally important.

In times of economic surplus, maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

But this money is being diverted from the capital improvement plan.  That’s bricks and mortar.

Schools are overcrowded.  Classrooms are being diverted to trailers in the school parking lot.  Kids have to trudge through all kinds of weather to get there.

But hey, they’ve got iTunes.

The Car Tax Strikes Back

12 Feb

Proof Positive that the White House is Clueless

5 Feb

Gibbs: “You Can’t Spend More Than You Have”

It boggles the mind.

Got retirement funds?

22 Sep

You’re gonna need ’em.

Social Security in the Red Next Year
Tertium Quids

Sounds like the perfect time for the feds to take over health care, doesn’t it?

Creigh Deeds: Here to Pump You Up

10 Sep

Happy "Cost of Government Day"

12 Aug

Sorry, I didn’t get you anything.

But you have now worked enough 2009 days to pay for your share of federal, state and local government. 

‘Cost of government day’ comes a month later this year
Grover Norquist, The Washington Examiner

Obama, Reid and Pelosi have committed enough taxpayer money so that, on average, Americans will work until Aug. 12 this year to simply pay the costs of government spending plus government regulations.
Read more.

If you’re not screaming, you’re not paying your taxes.

Thank Goodness for Porkulus or We'd All Be out of Work

7 Aug

Oh.  Wait…

2.2 Million Jobs Lost Since “Stimulus” Signed Into Law
Americans for Tax Reform

The total number of jobs nationwide fell from 134.3 million at the end of January to 131.5 million at the end of July.  This is a total job loss of 2.8 million jobs since Obama took office.

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9 Jul



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This Day in History, July 1, 1943

1 Jul

taxcollectorPay check withholding for 1943 taxes began on July 1, 1943.